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WA: Dorrington's at it again!!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by BIWOZ, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. Just on the news, the Road Safety Council (headed by prize D*#%head Grant Dorrington) has put before government (and the public) its latest report on reducing road fatalities.

    Prime among its recommendations are:

    ALL metro 60 km/h limits dropped to 50 km/h
    ALL CBD speed limits to 40 or even 30 km/h
    State speed limit dropped from 110 km/h to 100 km/h

    Why? To stop [sic] in his words, the "carnage' on our roads.

    I'm sorry Dorrington, but being on the roads isn't "safe". Never has been, never will be.

    Does anyone have any idea how to email this fatuous twat??

  2. but duuude, come to vic.

    over here, where its 50km/h in all of suburbia, there are no deaths.

    not one. single. death.

    coz clearly dropping the speed limit will make people immortal :)
  3. unless you can come up with reasoning for why this shouldn't be the case, i'm afraid it'll probably pass through the backside-covering pollies without a second look. Just as it has with the other states.

    Noone is interested in improving things - they just want to be seen to be responsible for doing something. That's why we have a 'war on drugs' but diminishing hospital, education and law enforcement resources.
  4. it doesn't matter what the speed limit anywhere is you will always have people disregarding it. I stick to the limit on every trip, be it in the car or on the bike and everytime there are people speeding past me.

    As usual the Government punishes all the people that do the right thing just because of other idiots that don't care anyway.
  5. What makes them idiots? If the road speed limits are set so low for the prevailing conditions as to be ludicrous and an impediment to daily thoroughfare, people will naturally ignore the ridiculous.

    An example is some road-works near me. The speed limit is 40kph for about 2kms. i.e. it takes close to 3 minutes to cover that 2kms. Why is it ludicrous? 'cos the road that used to be 80kph, is now 40kph, and it's not even different, 'cos the roadworks are being done beside the main road, and the speed limit remains at 40kph all the time, regardless of the time of day and whether or not people are actually working.

    You can reach the road-works, be travelling on the same road that used to be just fine to travel at 80kph on, but now are told to travel at 40kph when there is absolutely no good reason for that low speed when there are no workers around.

    End result, everyone does 60-80kph along that section anyway. I guess that they must all be idiots?
  6. I see your point but it doesn't matter if you feel the road conditons are safe for you to do 80km/h or 200km/h, if the sign says 40km/h you legally have to do that speed and if you go over that and get charged then yes you are an idiot.
    Dundas road in Forrestfield is one such road. Normally it is 70km/h but for some time now it has been posted as 40km/h for nearly 2km due to roadworks. If a police officer is there and you don't see him and he stops you for doing 70km/h your defence can't be there was no one working on the road at that time. You will then be charged for travelling at 30km/h over the speed limit. No one to blame but yourself.
    (not attacking you personally just a generalisation).
  7. After news that there was a campaign to lower the speed limit to 30kph in residential and high pedestrian traffic volume areas, the motoring community has put forward its own propsal. Australian Motoring Group with the backing of the RTA, NRMA, RACV and NUMA have put foward a proposal to lower the legal limit of walking, so as to give pedestrians more time to survey their surroundings, and react in a controlled and timely manner to any motorised threat.

    Recent studies have shown that in trial locations around NSW that when a lower speed of walking was enforced there were less traffic incidents involving pedestrians and motorised vehicles. The local council of Pharken on the eastern coast lowered the legal walking pace to 30sph (Steps per hour), the flow on effect was that as a pedestrian came near the road, they usually had a fair few minutes to notice any on-coming motorised vehicles, and use their remaining steps, to get the fcuk off our roads, and back on the fcuking footpath where they belong.

    Insurance company Tower Insurance was also pleased with the move saying that as the only people who hit cars were stupid fcuk wits walking slowly, thus making smaller dents and cleaning out the gene pool for the rest of us.

    In related news, Harold Scruby has admitted to a lifetime of gobbling wang, and being a pillow-biting man-whore - he has also been reported bathing in petrol, so if anyone has seen this man, it is advised to flick matches at him, so that he may die in a fire. :twisted:
  8. Dropping 50km/hr speed limits by 10km/hr will result in traffic being on the road for more than 20% longer!

    Imagine the carbon emissions!!!!

    I don't believe in all this climate change bullshit, but I'll beat the drum if it accomplishes good in my eyes ;)
    And let's face it: it sells cars and fridges.

    Whoever you e-mail, don't tell them you're a motorcyclist. Say you're a concerned citizen, and you care for the environment.

    Something along the lines of

    "Dear [stupid polly who can die in a fire for all I care]

    I am most concerened about the recent proposed amendments to standard road speed limits, as proposed by Mr Dorrington.

    Dropping speed limits by 10km/hr will easily result in all the cars currently on our roads being there at least an extra 20% longer!
    The carbon emissions will be enormous, not to mention the increased and compounded effect from the ensuing congestion.

    Australia is a nation committed to reducing our impact on climate change, and this legislation would be working in the complete opposite direction - much to our concern!

    A much better intiative would be improved public transport and better driving training, to both reduce the number of cars on the road in the first place and to aid the rest of the drivers in avoiding accidents and driving in a safe manner.

    Reducing speed limits is a silly solution that will impact heavily on our environment and provide little if any gain in safety.

    Best Regards,

    Concerned Citizen"
  9. Just to clarify the original post;

    In WA - the default speed in "built up areas" is 50km/hr, just like over east.

    The report from the "Road Safety Council" is suggesting that ANY road that is now posted as 60 should be dropped to 50. That means Stirling Highway in Perth - a road which is probably equivalent to say Paramatta Road in Sydney or something. It is a major highway that carries a heap of traffic during peak times.

    Basically they idea is that if cars arent moving, then there will be fewer accidents. Thats the gist of their logic.

    Over here, the road toll is pretty bad and its getting worse. So because there is nothing they can really do about they, they want to be seen to be doing something, so they blame everything on speed. There is never any other cause of accidents in WA, it is only speed.
  10. BIWOZ. Try this website. www .officeofroadsafety.wa.gov.au/index.cfm?event=topicsMotorcyclists
    Not once does it mention what I think is the most important factor - Driver training!
    I was rear ended Tuesday morning on my way to work by a Toyota 4wd. Subsequently my bike is a write off, I've had to take time off work & now have the hassle of dealing with the insurance etc to replace my ride. (CBF600 import - not a chance on the pittance they'll eventually pay out )
    All because the stupid t*%t was driving too close to my rear to stop in time......