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[WA] Dob in a bikie day

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by cejay, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. The WA police, keen to follow in the knee jerk response to a non existent threat have decided to follow SA and NSW with their pathetic attempts to control the bikie scourge.

    June 23rd will be 'Dob in a bikie' day. Yes, you too can provide details on any other citizen, allege that they are involved in criminal activity and await the geniuses in the WA police force to investigate your victim.

    Of course, you could do this on any of the other 365 days of the year, but the idiots have decided to dedicate this date for the purpose.

    So, don't call up and report any other suspect criminal behaviour, don't dob in someone for being a member of the Perth Mafia, not unless they ride a bike, sport a goatee and ride a HD.

    And what will the WA police do about this? Surely they can't expect to investigate every allegation? And with the absolute guarantee of anonymity, how do they deal with vexatious complaints? What of the rights of people so named?

    What about we have 'dob in a corrupt public official day'? The lines would run hot on that one.

    Full story here
  2. Why then do they not do this now.

    My wife got run off the road by two twats racing each other down the highway. She got rego numbers and descriptions of the cars. Local cops didn't want to know about it. Their investigations are "evidence based" she was told after being fobbed off and then writing to the police command with a complaint.

    Or, the many tales here of people being harrassed, road raged and so on. Again they hear the trite "we need to have witnessed it in order to prosecute" they say.

    So, how is a "real" crime that so called bikies are alleged to be committing different to road offences, particularly ones that involve dangerous driving, itself a jailable offence.

    I would assume that the dobbers will need to appear in court to give evidence based on their testimonies? Or will this be another PR beat up to show the public that they're "doing something"?
  3. Oh no, they've guaranteed the anonymity of the informants. All it basically is, is a 'Crimestoppers' promotion with the focus on bikies. So it's useless. It will encourage vexatious complaints, assist with stereotyping a sector of the community and allow the politicians, in what is arguably one of the most corrupt states in Australia to deflect criticism from their own very dubious dealings.
  4. They guys at the top get better and better!
    I would certainly dob in any bikie I knew, because there is no way they would have a corrupt official on the inside....
  5. I think we all ring and make accusations of criminal activity against whichever braindead retards came up with such a disgusting idea.
  6. So, it has come to this. :roll: :roll:

    I wonder how many people will get dobbed in because they just happen to "look like bikies"?

    Thank god I live in Victoria - where we have a competent police force, not one that needs ridiculous laws to make it easier to pin people. This is McCarthyism at its best.

    WA - what a pack of "stone age cretins" is all I can say. All because of the label "bikie". And that's all it is guys - a label.

    Hey - I'm a "bikie", and damn proud to be one. I can identify with people who ride - and that's what makes me fall into that category. FFS - I dress like one, I wear dark leathers, I ride a HD (please don't hold that against me :p) - so it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for a non-rider member of joe public to mistakenly identify me as one.
  7. Quoted for future use against you in light hearted combat :p

    John - I would be extremely disappointed if you were mistaken for a "Bikie".
    Unfortunately, I just don't think you've got it, mate. :LOL:
  8. When are they gonna have a 'Dob in a cager hoon day'? or a 'dob in a drug dealer day'?

    In my street there are over six hoons, using the curve of the street as their personal race track, well sort of. And up the road there are two drug dealers who are also hoons and they think they're untouchable.

    I'd like to see hoons on the police agenda thanks. Not just 'someone on a bike'.
  9. Did anyone see this smug c**t of a pig stand on TV and spit out the crap about how they work, live and socialize amongst us?

    This bullshit has to f*****g stop.

    Anyway, what happened to the stuff I was told about as a kid - of not minding your own bloody business. We've become a nation of nanny-boy finger pointers.

    F*****g pathetic.
  10. Ker Ching.... I Think you got it in one Joel :grin: :grin:
  11. That's like one o' them oxee... oxymo... ahh I forget the word.
  12. I have some advice to all the Western Australian’s out there.
    Take down the rego of every cop bike you see between now and the 23rd
    Then start with the anonymous calls about guys on motorbikes with guns brazenly strapped to there hip.
  13. This is magnificent advice.

    Also report your local Meals on Wheels, council chambers, Pizza Hut, Boy Scouts club... anything you want: for gang related activity.

    You're really just giving the police exactly what they ask for: anonymous, unreliable information.
  14. You're all missing the point. This is a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to show them exactly what a bunch of numpties they are.

    If, at the end of that day, there is a single politician or senior police figure that HAS NOT BEEN DOBBED, then you are NOT DOING YOUR JOB! :grin:

    Westies, they have inadvertently handed you their own nuts on a plate. It would be impolite not to respond.
  15. Hmmm. This could be a fun day.
  16. Slightly OT

    Same mentality as the people who have issues with "bikies" and it causes just as much problems for minority groups.

    I also drive a modified Japanese Import, and every time there is some hooning propaganda in the news because some halfwit managed to kill someone with their car i get the eye from the sheep that buy into the media's sensationalism.

    Funnily enough (though not too often) i get people tailgating me when im cruising along because they expect me to go fast; seemingly just because my vehicle is capable of doing so. I also often get people speeding up if im casually passing them on a multi-laned road just so i dont get ahead (not just men doing this too). This behaviour is far more prominent then when i am driving the daily (Suzuki Swift) - yet i am the one being negaitvely labeled due to my interest in a particular model of vehicle.

    People who love their cars and are true enthusiasts are as much a minority as people who love bikes (i diversify my minority groups and love both machines) - when compared to your average commuting cager.

    Your average citizen will not take responsibility or wake up to reality when it is so easy to blame a minority group or the government for any problems.
  17. Maybe they should use the phrase "Dob in a Minority Group Gang" - I like that term - minority group - it has a totally different ring to it.... :grin:
  18. I'm collecting number plates from google image search.

    "Hello Crimestoppers, I noticed these evil looking men wearing leather, riding around in a group..."

  19. Well said! I've had far more officials fvck with my life than any bikie has to date (currently zero, like most people).
  20. Germany, 1930's