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[WA] Coffee Nights, Victoria Park, 1st Thur of each Month

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by jokerWA, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. Hey guys after a bit of a over-eager false start here we're scheduling a Thursday coffee night, first Thursday of the month, at the Victoria Park Hotel next to Tyres For Bikes on the Albany Hwy, practically on the corner of State St.

    ::EDIT:: Have added the Vic Park Hotel to Frappr.

    I'll be there from about 7pm onwards, hope to see as many Perth Netriders there as possible Outside Tyres For Bikes there's MC bays on both sides of the road, you want to use the entry towards that side rather than the State St side. There's a few steps going up to an al fresco area (which we probably won't use for now, weather being what it is) and then in the doors to the restaurant area. If the restaurant area isn't too busy we'll be there, otherwise the staff can direct you to the back bar where we'll hole up.

    Cheers guys, hope to see some new faces there If you could reply on here that'd be great just in case we end up with 20 people so I can let them know beforehand :LOL:

    To those who are heading to the trial run tonight, looking forward to seeing you all :grin: To everyone else see you on the 7th of September!
  2. I'm in like flynn mate for the 7th of September.

    Enjoy tonight guys and catch you soon.

    ta ta
  3. i'm devastated! I'm in brisbane that week!!

    so spewn........

    I've already put thurs. night 5th October in the diary...

    let us know how tonight goes yeh.?
  4. Ditto and ditto.......
  5. Hopefully I can arrange another ride or two between now and then and you can come see/hear Stuieboys can :p

    Will do, gotta remember to take a camera I think :grin:
  6. Thanks to everyone who came along last night, pity there weren't a few more but maybe the September night will have a bit more attendance.. y'know, having more than one weeks notice... :oops::LOL:

    Special thanks to Sean for coming all the way from Waikiki, and for coming to the rescue when my camera died! He'll be posting some pics of the night soon I hope :grin:
  7. Maybe the next one should be put into the calendar section in case people miss the actual thread. This is now a regular meet, so really should be up there.
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  9. nice...
    so twas a good ride?
  10. No ride for me, was just around the corner, though I hear Scorpious got rained on a fair bit on the way back home.
  11. Hey Guys,
    My bike is ariving from Melbourne tomorrow morning :grin: :grin: :grin:
    Definately count me in for September.

  12. Looking foward to see a few more face for the next one.

    Riding in the rain just helps to sharpen my skills a little each time,

    Today I didnt move the bike out of the garage its absolutely howling this damn wind.and further south got a Tornado so I hear
  13. Yeah Bec who came up to meet me and Inc and blakjak and smileskyles on Sunday rode home to BUNBURY that night. She came out in the morning and houses on her block were missing their roofs.
  14. So is anyone else looking forward to next thursday? :p
  15. word.

  16. Oooooheah.....I'll be on the Ducafe, full race exhaust and all,...bring yer earplugs :grin:
  17. I can't wait to see/hear it Inci :)
  18. OH YEAH!

    And i'll be on the Hyo...so bring your ear pl.........oh well :grin:
  19. I'll be back home in WA in October (probably not in time for the 5th though) but if there is an event on then I'll have to come along and say hi before I head back to Melbourne.
  20. Well be sure to PM me with the details voyager, even if it's nothing official I'm sure we can get a few riders together to say hi. You're flying over?

    And Duffman you'll be able to hear Stuieboys aftermarket can on the Hyo, see how you like it :)