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[WA] bikers fined at Green fight.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by _joel_, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. 11 members of an australian motorcycle club have been fined $200 for wearing clothing exhibiting their club insignia.
    The law they have broken, is somehow linked to the liquor licensing act :?
    My question is, will i be fined if i go to WA and wear my NR stuff? :shock:
    who decides if you are an outlaw or not??

    can someone steer me to the law/rule/legislation that they have actually broken?

    original article
  2. Liquor act was apparently changed a while ago for this specific purpose.
    More info here:

    Or check section 108(3)(d) of the liquor licence act.
  3. thanks jd.
    i wont be going to WA then :(
  4. It appears that the infringements were issued, not for the items of clothing per se but for non-compliance with conditions imposed by venue management quite legally under the licensing laws. Rather a round about means of getting a "result".

    I suspect that there is little recourse to fight such licensing conditions here in Australia.

    I remember, 20 years ago in the UK, similar bans being fought (some successfully) on the basis of ancient laws requiring licensees to serve (pretty much) anyone as a condition of their license. Bans in the US were also fought (I seem to remember) based on the freedom of speech provisions in the US Constitution.

    Neither route is open to Australians.

    Still, I'm sure we're all much safer and grateful for the protection of our benevolent government :evil: .
  5. You don't have to, probably only a matter of time before similar laws come to you (just look at how WA's hoon laws have spread)
  6. I hope nobody working at Rebel sport went to the fight in their work uniform!
    Pretty dumb law/rule really, the people are allowed in, as long as they take their jackets off :roll:
  7. Since when have employee's of Rebel Sport been wearing insignia on their work clothing saying they are members of the Rebels motorcycle club?
  8. In Albury at Easter time (hockey carnival), the nightclubs frequently will not let you in if you are wearing any club insignia. Most peeps, turn their t-shirts inside out and walk in, then change it once they are in.

    but its quite sucky
  9. i gotta say, and i know its probably insane coming from me, but this particular ruling has quite a lot of merit.
    i know of motorcycle clubs, whos laws prohibit wearing of any insignia, unless on a sanctioned outing to an approved place.
    and they are probably right about the incidence of misbehaviour, increasing with certain clubs around.
    you have to be in denial to not agree with that :?

    but.....where do they stop?
    i notice an increase in misbehaviour when some racial groups enter pubs/clubs.
    certainly more often than motorcycle clubs.
  10. any large group of people entering a bar(if they get allowed in) will cause a disruption regardless of ethnicity or motorcycle club or whatever. our civeng pub crawls always get kicked out eventually. while there is some merit to stopping certain groups from entering so that less fights break out, it will get to the point where you can only go to the pub if you are wearing a uniform white t-shirt and blue jeans and you can only enter in groups of one.

    too much control by the government i think on this one.

    i have some wonder about how they got fined. the law states that they may refuse service/entry to them. so what they asked them to leave and they didnt?
  11. I can think of quite a few sporting clubs that I wouldn't let in to, if I ran a pub.
  12. My apologies Mr.Serious :roll: :p

    The point I was making is what do they define as a club/gang insignia? Do the Rebels have a TM logo? I have a T-Shirt with Rebels printed on the front, would I be denied entry?
  13. Exactly.

    Any licensee can ask anyone to leave the premises. The bikies were asked to leave and they refused. The Rebels are fully aware of the laws and they ignored them. The coppers turned up and told them to get out, again they refused. The Cops then decided that it would be counter productive (and possibly even dangerous) to cause a scene with so many members of the public in close proximity, so they let the Rebels stay. Then when the fight was over, the cops were waiting outside for the Rebels members.
  14. Collingwood supporters,and probably players too :wink: But if it was a rave party west coast would get a free pass :cool:
  15. Are you sure about that if I remember rightly from my licensee days the bar in a Public House is classed as your home and as such you are allowed to refuse service to whoever you want.
  16. Well it's 20 years ago now and the old memory's not what it once was so I could be wrong :grin: . As an ex licensee you're probably a more reliable source than I am.

    However, if I've got it right(ish), those fighting the bans dug up some medieval statutes requiring innkeepers to provide service to bona-fide travellers or some such. Much argument ensued as to which public houses could be classed as inns and who could be classed as a bona-fide traveller.

    I have to admit to lacking details though. I spent much of the late 1980s somewhat less than compos mentis for various reasons so it's all a bit blurred. And I wasn't really that interested at the time anyway. I'd rather go to pubs where I'm welcome.
  17. What a load of discriminatry garabage those laws are.

    firstly whether it be a motorcycle club , a football club and bunch of 5 blokes from the army or just mates on the piss, any or either of them can get into just as much trouble.
    why is it that you have to be wearing a Patch ?
    The Police have the powers to remove arrest or charge anyone that commits an offense regardless of which background or what association you are with.
    If the members of any group, club or association whether it be end of season partys etc went dressed in plain cloths does that mean there behavior will be any differant ?
    these laws have nothing to do with public safety , nothing to do with anything other than another way or the state goverment what I believe is discrimonatry powers to selectivally disrupt motorcycle clubs.

    mr wrann of SA said , if you cant shut them down , shock and disrupt is the next best option.

    standards of dress is rubbish , go into any pub and you will find workmen sitting in T-shirts , cut off shorts or yakka shortrs covered in plaster or paint and workboots covered in concrete.

    I had to post under this name as i cant remember my password and i am locked out .
  18. If I'm a member of the Gypsy Jokers and I'm in a bar having a beer with another of my GJ mates, not causing trouble, that's fine.

    Then a couple of Rebels members walk in, see the GJ patch, the preverbial hits the fan.

    W/out club patches the liklihood of that happening is much less.