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Discussion in 'Showcase' started by ItchyCube, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. Hi All,

    First post, first road bike, stoked!

    Always thought about getting my bike licence but never got around to doing it. Finally did, bought my bike two weeks ago Tuesday, and got my licence this week.

    2000 Honda VTR 250. Been pretty well looked after.

    First question - this is the 2000 model - so no tacho. I know i can buy the instrument set with the tacho and connect it up - but has anyone fit an after market digital instrument set to this bike before? The new stock set with the tacho is about $300 - so figured its worth looking around at digital alternatives for that price.



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  2. Good on you mate, they're a good bike, competent enough to do anything on.

    You chould be able to get a universal mechanical tacho for say $80; Vanem sells them for that price for the SR500, good looking and small, could be mounted anywhere, maybe find out if the VTR tacho cable would fit it....
  3. Thanks for the reply mattb - but its actually an electronic tacho.

  4. I've got a VTR250, and I promise you, save yourself the money! You really don't need a tacho for this bike, just ride it and learn to "feel" when it's time to upshift and downshift :)