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w00t! my first experience getting hit by a car!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Pezza, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. well was riding along a street in Sunbury when a woman pulled out in front of me trying to turn right to go to another street. hit the brakes but was too close to her when she pulled out to do any good. bike went under the front bar of her car and had to get her to reverse it to get it out. bike is in the shop atm getting quoted on repairs. should get it on monday :S

    im fine, no injuries was wearing my gear. just a sore wrist and sore hip.

    Her insurance will cover it all so its all gg. im just glad i didnt end up selling my car :p
  2. Good to hear that you're ok. Hope you get the bike back soon
  3. Damn. Well at least you are alright and your bike is going to be alright. :D
  4. At least her insurance covers you and you didn't get seriously injured. More experience under yer belt
  5. Glad your OK. Sucks about the bike though.

    This is a genuine question, not criticism - do you think you could have done anything different to avoid the accident?
  6. Stupid biiiiiiiitch, could have really hurt you :evil:

    Your avatar seems appropriate now :p


    Glad to hear it, 10 points for wearing your gear :)
  7. omg the ironay of my number plate. it kills me. I really dont know if i coulda done anything happened so fast. suppose if i had an idea that she would pop out i woulda tried to countersteer or seomthing. but my brakes were just locked up as soon as i saw her from sheer reaction and panic.
  8. Glad to hear you were not badly hurt.

    Kinda strange seeing someone so happy to have had an altercation with a car though...
  9. Was she charged?, she damn well should have been :evil:

    Good to hear your ok and keeping your chin up, hope you get your bike sorted and are back out there soon :grin:
  10. I was a little surprised with the woot too! But definitely good that you got out of it well :grin:
  11. He's so happy because he felt like he really joined the "club" now.
  12. +1 to wearing all ya gear. had my first stack a week ago, run in with a d*&k who doesnt like indicators.. no skin on your leg hurts..

    lol at the number plate. love it
  13. He just happy that he's number plate is not a joke now. Its the truth now.
  14. ideally, u shoulda got a pic of the bike, stuck under the car, with your numberplate in full view :LOL:

    good to hear your ok. and +1 on ATGATT.

    so she came from a sidestreet from your left or your right? in either case, which tyre track were you riding in? mmm the panic and lock up doesnt help, you need to practice emergency braking, so you can basically train yourself to react by braking hard, but safely.

    hope the bikes is ok soon :)
  15. heh, pwnd
  16. reason i sound excited cos you say your not a real rider until you come off. this is my first off and it was a beauty! some that must make me some hardcore rider lol.

    the quote should be ready on monday, so ill be able to give it the insurance company and try and claim every little thing i can get :p new paint job too WOOO
  17. You sound confident that you are going to get your bike back?

    I wouldn't be so sure as it doesn't take much damage to write off a 5k bike. I hope it all works out for you and her insurance doesn't screw you around.
  18. :? I think you're overcome with the uephoria of surviving the prang. :)

    Well done for surviving the prang.

    Not sure this makes you a hardcore rider, but you've certainly passed one milestone.

    +10 on asking the question, what would you do different... lest you want to pass more milestones...
  19. gee good thing it doesn't sound like you were going too fast. but damn people should look.

    I had a go at the people at work talking about being cut off, was a team building thing, they were saying to brush things off, like "being cut off in traffic" and I piped up "how can you 'brush' that off? if someone cuts you off on a bike, you could be dead"

    lol they changed the topic after that ;)

    people just need to look at what's around them... *fingers crossed I don't do that to the R1*
  20. yeah it is a bad intersection and i slowed down cos it was pretty busy at that time of day. glad i did. probably woulda ended up on her lap if i didnt :p

    ffs when im off my restrictions and get my next bike i so do not want to do that again :p