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[W. Melb] Stuck oil filter - success :)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by robsalvv, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. Fark me, but I've never had this much trouble trying to change the oil. I had the bike serviced with the crash repairs and blow me if I now can't get the frigging oil filter off. All I've successfully done is crush one side of the filter in... I'm reluctant to keep working on it... the filter has NOT BUDGED a millimetre.

    My trusty filter wrench is not serving me this time. What I need is something that looks like 'B' in the following picture.

    Is there a westy with one in their hot hands and would be willing to lend me one for a short while? The oil filter has 14 'faces' and they're about 64mm apart if that makes sense.

    Thanks in advance peeps.

  2. Here's what ya do mate:

    Get your biggest, thickest screwdriver, and a hammer.

    Bash the screwdriver right through the old oil filter until it pokes out the other side, then use that to turn it.
  3. Hey Loz, that sounds like a bloody good idea! Too late for me now though, I'm beat after battling the front brakes and the previous idiot's happy use of loctite... that idiot would be me... :roll:
  4. Call me, Rob.
  5. If the K&N filters weren't that expensive I'd use them all the time. They have a nut on the front of them, so getting them off only requires a standard spanner. Why other manufacturers don't do this boggles my mind.
  6. +1 to this, if can't do it with the tool....lets see some pics rob...sounds like you have well and truly butchered it :LOL:
  7. Not sure what counts as expensive Port, but for the SV I always used the KN filters, but for the SV I also needed a drilled hole for lockwire.
  8. I have two different sized "B"s iffen you need them.

    Another trick is to take a piece of steel with a few holes in it and drill self tapping screws through it into the head of the filter. Should give you some purchase.
  9. Well I guess the K&N aren't that expensive compared to OEM - but I have to pay postage for K&N as nobody near me stocks them. A K&N is about $27 delivered, compared to $28 for geniune Honda. Because I change oil and filter every 4-5k I just use the HiFlo brand at $16 a pop.
  10. I once had an oil filter that didn't come out even with the screwdriver / hammer method either...(I wasn't able to hammer right through because of the awkward placement) it just kept cutting a groove with oil leaking out.

    So I bought a claw type oil filter wrench - I've never seen a filter that couldn't be taken off with this as it gets gradually tighter as you turn it.


    PM me if you need it...I'm in St Kilda
  11. Hey Rob once you evict the old filter, get some grease (preferably some that can handle a bit of temperature) and give the rubber "O" ring of the new filter an even thin smear on its face. Put another thin smear on the oil pump end, then fit filter and tighten accordingly. The grease helps stop the rubber drying out due to heat effects which is what welds them to parts and creates situations like yours.
  12. Success! Followed Loz's and Rog's advice... it took a big arse screw driver and a rubber mallet, but eventually the filter got moving.


    Thanks for the hot tips gentlemens.

  13. Bush mechanics wins again
  14. "If at first you do not succeed, try a bigger hammer."

    :LOL: :LOL:
  15. I said to use a cold chisel, not a no.2 Phillips.

    You are a Butcher. Put on a blue and white striped apron, and sprinkle some sawdust on your workshop floor.
  16. True you did say that Rog... but when I looked at my chisel and I looked at my screw driver... I went with the screw driver coz the chisel was going to take a fair chunk of the filter with it. :)
  17. but do we have a photo of you in the apron ? Loz prepare for an addition to the collection !!! :twisted:
  18. Sharkuss, whatever you're on... I could use some. :LOL:
  19. Rob, don't put grease on the Rubber seal, as grease rots rubber. Use a thin smear of oil.
  20. Thanks Rog, that's what I did... per the instructions on the filter. :)

    I also tightened it hand tight (as far as it'd go), then an 1/8th of a turn more with the filter wrench. That should be plenty tight enough. :)