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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Tickets, May 1, 2006.

  1. hey all
    this is my first post in these forums even tho i've been looking at them for bout 2 months now.
    i havent got a bike yet but am going for licence in june and can't wait, which is why i've been checking the net and in particular this site for info.

    one thing that i've noticed that there arn't that many W.A poster on the site and i was wondering if there wer any that i could get in touch with and find some info on which bike to purchase and that could perhaps go for a ride with (when i get my licence) and teach me some of basic maintenance etc.

    Even if your not from W.A some recomendations would be good.
    Cheers Alex

  2. Im from W.A.

    most netriders are from eastern states.

    What bike you thinking of getting?
  3. hey man good to see a wets aus
    i would have liked a naked like vtr or a spada but most of the bikes i've seen have been a bit out of my price range so im thinking a gpx or zzr if i find a cheap one.

    any recomendations?
    and are you part of a club or just a rider?
  4. zzr are very nice bikes a friend of mine has one and it is very reliable.
    Im not a part of any clubs, but i should look out for some and hwat they offer, would love to go to a track day or something.
  5. Hey i am from WA too.
    GPX should be cheaper then the ZZR, fair few of those around.
    How much you looking to spend?
  6. I would go for GPX. I love my GPX.
  7. i've got bout $5500 all up
    but that is to cover gear, bike, licence, insurance etc
    but i'd like to spend a bit less if possible

    is it possible for anyone in WA to go for a rid in late June early July
    i should have my bike by then
  8. I am from Perth, feel free to send me a pm once you have a bike, I may not be of much use teaching anything though as I only recently got my license.

    I have a VTR, love the naked bikes :grin:
  9. Send us a pm when your out and riding, i'd be happy to have someone to ride with.

    Start with how much you wanna spend on gear, then check insurance on the bikes you want, some of them are insane, depends on if your getting comprehensive or not, but it might steer you away from a couple of bikes.
    Licence is about 150 or so all up i think including learners, depending if youve all ready got a licence or not.
    Training is 50 bucks an hour at all the places i know, how long it will take depends, or maybe nothing if your slick :grin:

    But go sit on a load of bikes too, really helpful, it was the way i was able to make a choice, too damm tall for the little 250's :)