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[W.A] Margaret River region dangerous road conditions

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' at netrider.net.au started by Azz, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. I know there's not many W.A members/posts on here, but I just wanted to post up about the roadworks & poor road conditions in the Margaret River/South West region.

    The main 2 roads into Margaret River, Bussel Hwy & Caves Rd have lots of roadworks and the current state of the majority of the roadwork areas are dangerous for 2 wheels, as it's a really loose surface, almost like a fine gravel laid over the top of the existing bitumen road & some roads have been left like that for days/weeks!

    Most of Caves Rd from Yallingup to Margaret River is that crap loose surface!
    Caves Rd is a mainly twisty road from Yallingup to Augusta, but at the moment is dangerous due to the loose surface, added to that is only some parts of the road with the loose surface have had the speed reduced & most cage drivers do not adjust accordingly to the road conditions!
    The Bussel Hwy, South of Busselton but before Cow town (Cowaramup) has had roadworks for months, but this is proper roadworks, plenty of signage and notice, existing roads are actually dug up & the ground is properly prepped for the new bitumen.
    However there is currently a large section of road that is dirt. This is fine on a bike on a good day as it's a compacted surface & water carter's keep the dust down, but this section won't be great on Monday/Tuesday 11/12th Feb with possible storms.
    There are a handful of other roads between Busselton & Augusta with that very loose fine gravel surface, the worst I've found in the past few weeks are; on Caves Rd just outside of Dunsborough heading to Busselton, on Metricup Rd between Caves Rd & Bussel Hwy, and on Bussel Hwy either side of Cow town!
    I haven't been South of Marg's in a few weeks so not sure what it's like down to Augusta but I wouldn't be surprised if they've resurfaced more of Caves Rd & Bussel Hwy with that loose stuff!
    MOST of the roads currently being resurfaced can be ridden at the posted speeds, but the danger is if you need to swerve or brake hard, or have someone coming the other way out of control!

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  2. Thanks for the post Azz yes sadly true there are not many of our WA brethren on Netrider. The tyranny of time zones I suppose. It would be nice to attract more posts from the WA contingent just to get that perspective on WA biking.
  3. WA chaps mostly seem to lurk on PerthStreetBikes. I wonder if there's also a lower proportion of bikers per population over there?

  4. Possibly so, yes Perthstreetbikes has a good community, and there is the entrenched view of WA citizens that this eastern and center part of the country is a foreign land. But that's another story ;)
  5. It's true. I'm still getting used to the idea that 'the eastern states' is actually where I live now, not just the scapegoat for everything that's wrong with this country ;)
  6. Don't get brainwashed mate.... if it's bad, it comes from 'the eastern states'.;)
    They are all out to get us... holding us back... stealing our cash...
    ignoring us.... Hello? ... Hello?...

    Well. its got to be someone else's fault... right? :)

    To Azz, thanks for the heads up mate. I'm just about to take a run down to Yallingup & that info is very useful. Cheers!