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VZ 800 Marauder

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by wyvern, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. Hey there.
    Thought it was time to post up my bike seeing I have been lurking in here for a while now.

    I bought my first non-dirt bike in November 07, It being a Suzuki VZ 800 Marauder (97 model).

    The previous owner did custom paint job. Dark mettalic green changing to black from top of tank/guards to the bottom. After-market pipes (with removeable baffles) to give it the deeper sound.

    I've just put on a Givi Screen and changed the front cog from 15 to 16 teeth to give it longer legs for highway.

    That's it for now. I do have plans for a custom rack in the making just waiting for the funds and to find someone with a waterjet to cut it out as it will be complex.



  2. very noice wyvern.

    i also have recently gone to the dark side, from bikes of the dirty variety (enduro)

    remember not to smile while riding the new bike...cos you'll get bugs in ya teeth.
    ...experience speaking... :roll: :LOL:
  3. looks great Wyvern what year is it?
  5. It is plated 10/96 but it is the first of the '97 models.