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VX800-Oldie but goodie?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bazl, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. A guy at work is selling his vx800 for 3 grand. Its a 90 model and done 75ks, has been well looked after and looks the goods. Rides ok and everything works, brakes/clutch etc are good and it seems there are no immediate problems. Anybody got any experience with this model or wish to comment good or bad?

  2. You might find this site useful,


    I seem to remember the VX800 having a reputation for being a pretty bulletproof shaftie tourer and there certainly seem to be some high mileage examples still running pretty well.
  3. Yeah I remember having a chat with a VX800 rider at a servo once - his bike had clocked up nearly 200,000kms without any major problems and was still running well. They're a nice looking bike, certainly be high on my list if I was looking for a cruiser/tourer style bike.
  4. The poor old VX's only 'flaw' was being boring, a bit unknown, and not looking enough like a Harley ... hence they are a bargain second hand buy.
  5. Can't say I agree with that bit. The VX800 was not a cruiser, it was a naked shaft drive tourer, 'all rounder'....it never competed with any harley in a month of Sundays. Now the 750 intruder cruiser, from which the VX800 got it's, (albiet stroked to 800cc) motor, was a different animal.
  6. ... indeed, didn't wish to imply it was a Harley rip-off... quite the opposite... the (alleged) 'must look like a Harley' attitude of those who bought big-bore V-twins meant a 'mere' naked tourer was always going to be overlooked.