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VW Beetle Trike Project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by jokerWA, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. I hope this is the right part of the forums and not a repost (I couldn't find it with Search but then maybe I'm just broken). Some guy building a Trike out of an 1973 VW Beetle - click here.

  2. Nothing new there. Seen a few VW based trikes before, in fact there used to be a company that manufactured them (might still exist). They used to be popular since at one point here in Vic you could get them registered as a car and drive/ride 'em with just a car licence (might have still needed a helmet though). The regs have however changed so they're now classed as motorcycles in Victoria (don't know about other states though).
    Edit: Be fun to build a trike out of an early Porsche - don't think anyone's tried that yet.
  3. They are aweseom little toys. My toher hobby are VW's, and i see plenty around. I know of one that is currently being built, that will be 2.5L and twin turbo..... aiming for 200 kw atw. its designed as a flagship bike by one of the brisbane VW shops who does trikes. his old one had a 2.3L and used to play with the bike sports bikes......