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VW Australia can suck it. (See also: SELL THE CARS I WANT!@)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by grue, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Went to the VW dealer today on my lunchbreak to have a perv, and found out that you can't buy the 2door Polo unless you want the ghetto base model, or the overpriced spastic GTI model. Does NOBODY sell a small 2door hatch with good amenities? The 4door Polo has all sorts of goodies, but nooooooo, not the 2door. I don't have kids, and I'm not a taxi, I don't want or need rear doors!

    You'd think of all companies, VW would be the one. *SIGH*

    Furthermore, even if I wanted to buy a childish toy car just to run amok with, they don't sell the Scirocco here?! It's the coolest car VW has made since the Corrado, and VW Australia are too dim to bring 'em it.

    Halfwits, the lot of them.

  2. we always get the crap no one else wants
  3. Don't buy a Polo. I had a rental one for a month in the UK back in April and I was unimpressed by its very un-German ergonomics and the ridiculous thirst for oil of it's rather uninspiring engine.

    And that's from someone who doesn't mind little cars that you have to scream the nuts off and row along with the gear lever. It now seems to have been legislated that anything that could be fun in a manic, valve-bouncing, roller-skate sort of way must be made as dull, rubbery and lifeless as possible in order to make driving the joyless activity the new puritanism has decreed that it should be.

    Alec Issigonis, Soichiro Honda, Carlo Abarth and Mr Gordini, we need you.
  4. I know a few people with VW cars and they have had nothing but headaches. Especially in the service department...not only do they over charge, they also don't fix the problem right the first time causing a second visit.
  5. amen to that, innovation these days is following what everyone else is doing, even if it boring the pants of the buyer with eco-diesels

    {and, no, I'm not now, or do I ever expect to be, in a position to buy ANY new car, but I DO keep up with the manufacturers and stuff}

  6. Hm interesting. I haven't driven a current model, but the older ones were fun :(
  7. I had a Bora and it was a bit of a nightmare in a lot of respects. I don't know why I'm willing to try again :rofl:

    But in all seriousness, I think I'll just continue with my current paradigm: Own a complete piece of shit that you hate, and just ride the bike all the time instead!
  8. yeah ive noticed that you aussies dont get these....

  9. Is this what they call "anecdotal" evidence?

    ie. you've heard from a mate of a mate of a mate....

    We are looking at the Polo as a second car. In particular we're interested in the TDI model (turbo diesel I think it is).

    We've yet to test drive one. Or even to sit in one. But it's on the list. The Hyundai i30 is another. That class of car, in any case.

    As for the OP's requirement for a 2 door, why are you so determined to get one? Particularly if the 4 door version has more features.
  10. I just prefer how they look. That's what shits me, why don't they offer everything on 2 OR 4 door models? Hell, make me special order and wait 3 months, I don't care.
  11. I love the look of the little Alfe Mito QV. But forget service. They are fun to drive and Alfa are always keen to deal. And I have always been a sucker for the look of an Alfa. Think you would get a demo around thirty four or five with bugger all K's. But then you are so close to the GTI that you would be mad to buy it.

  12. See, that's another thing. Cars here are so stupidly expensive. If I'm spending over $30k, I expect a LOT of car in return.
  13. I have had a bad run with cars. Bought a nissan navara 4x4. piece of shit, had a lot of run ins with both dealer and nissan australia over warantee work. Had the same issues with toyota holden and ford.

    Wifes car is now 5 years old. Mitsubishi lancer, had no problems, they picked up on a couple of issues I did not know about fixed it at service under warentee no questions asked. I knew about a leaking front strut, took it in to get fixed 1 day out of waratee. Yet to hear back if they will repair as a gesture of good will. Dont really care cause I am selling the car anyway, but would be nice not to fork out the $400 extra to make it roadworthy. This is a test for mitsubishi, if they pass, I will buy a triton from them next year.

    I bought the wife a new car for her birthday. Hunted high and low in Brisbane for a good car. Test drove lots. Even visited merc, audi and bmw. Not one single dealer got back to me. Decided on the subaru imprezza. Rang 4 brisbane dealers to get a price, the first one to give me an honest price on paper was going to get the deal. Did not get a single quote. To bad so sad, in my business, i work on paper quotes, no quote, no business. I dont have time to spend 4 hours doing dutch auctions with dealers.

    So, decided to ring a rural dealer. Got a price on the phone, got told the ins and outs, got told he could ship to brisbane as part of the price. Got a quote via email that day. Guess who sold a car? Gladstone motorworld. Guess what, they delivered it the night before my wifes birthday, and it had a bottle of bollinger in the front seat.

    So heres a tip. Piss of the city dealers, go to a rural dealer. Even if its 200km away, its a good weekend bike ride and you will get the service you deserve.
  14. That's funny, sort of.

    Out here in Gippsland, while we have a thriving local car retail industry, many buyers do make the trip to Melbourne as there are more dealers to, well, deal with.

    The industry that I work in enjoys the benefit of salary sacrificing vehicles via "novation" leases. So, locally, the car dealers are doing quite well, thank you.

    However, many of my colleagues refuse to deal with them because they have gotten a tag smug, thinking that we'll all rock up and pay whatever it is that they demand for their cars. This is because the leasing makes it easy to spend a few more bux than you'd normally do if you're paying for it via conventional (post tax) finance or savings.

    I have mates who drive around in Prados, SSVs and the like. But if there was no salary packaging they'd be driving around in 10yo Landcruisers or Kia Carnivals...
  15. Yes that would be classified as an anecdotal evidence, however I have had first hand experience as a driver and passenger as of the said mates vehicles.

    Close mate of mine got a Polo and ever since he bought it, it had nothing but issues. More so electrical than mechanical. For some reason his car sounds like a diesel being a petrol :-s. Maybe he was just unlucky and got a lemon.

    A work colleague of mine has a Golf. Don't get me wrong, it is reliable, but when taken for a service at the dealer, the charge was usually double that compared to a random workshop. The last few times it was taken for a service at the dealership, some of the issues that were meant to be rectified weren't even looked at, but the labour and parts were charged anyway. This included brake pads which were below the indicator...this was found out at the next service. I am certain brake pads don't wear out that fast. Also there were things fixed on the car without prior consent of the owner. Probably doesn't help the cause that she is female and doesn't know anything about cars (sorry if that came out a little sexist).
  16. I have a mate with a 2 door golf and I call it 'the factory defect' coz it's missing two doors.
  17. I'm with the person somewhere up the thread who said (in effect) 'Why spend a lot of money on a tintop (to which I'd add 'which will never perform 1/4 as well as a bike) - get something basic and put the time, money and energy into the bike'. In accordance with that, we have a salary-sacrificed Nissan Tiida. Not the most exciting of motors, but it brings the shopping home... and if I'm travelling for pleasure it's on the bike. This will be extended into a bike for the missus in future, and just about *all* the car will do is grocery runs.
  18. We're not sending anybody to gaol, just trying to gather some indication about a potential purchase. Good to be skeptical, but should be dismissed because you don't know for sure.

    I've owned a couple of two doors when I was younger and to be honest, even though it didn't happen very often, it got a bit embarrassing asking people to climb in the back.

    These days I'd pay a few hundred more for a 4/5 door and put up with a bit of loss in styling.
  19. Its a shame they dont make the two door in the version that you want but to be honest I've had the one two door car (BMW) and whenever you needed to use the rear you wish you had 4 doors. Personal choice I suppose.

    I've had two VW Passats and have found them to be nothing but super reliable. I'm sure I've mentioned it here before, but if you are prepared to pay close to sticker price, you will get free servicing for 3 years (no charge for parts, labour or consumables, you walk in and out with no money changing hands for servicing, they will do it - push hard).

    My latest is over 3 years old now though and so I take it to my local mechanic who drives a VW he's pretty good and super cheap for servicing, he also knows what's coming up for the next service and lets me know before hand. The most expensive thing to fix was my wifes doing - our first passat was diesel and a few months ago she put in a full tank of diesel into our petrol passat. Including all work, a tow, a service that was due anyway and full tank of 98 premium it was $600. It's outright bullshit that Euro stuff costs more than the rest to service.
  20. The only real problem with VWs is the dealers IMO.

    I've got a MK5 GTI with ~40k on the clock and mum has a MK4 with ~130k on the clock and the only problems we've had have been from incompetent service departments.

    About the only thing I think I'd steer clear of in regards to VW are the DSG gear boxes. Read and hear about a lot of mechatronic replacements, but then there are also a lot of people cranking up the boost and putting well past the factory spec horsepower limit through them, problem free (for now anyway).

    On the flip side, I used to have a well known and trusted brand of Japanese car and had way more than my fair share of drama with it.

    In terms of the polo you want, can't win em all and the Scirocco apparently is coming to Australia (announced recently)