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Vulcan Seats

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Bear11, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. :) Hi Guys. Am considering changing the standard seat on my VN 900 to a mustang touring seat for 2up riding. Has anyone out there done this on the 900 and what is the comparison between the 2 seats. Also do the standard floorboards on the 900 work ok with the mustang seat.

    thanks Bear11

  2. Hi Bear11,

    Whats wrong with the original?
  3. the original vulcan seats are not what you would call uncomfortable, but you get a sore butt after a little while.... i think it's just the shape of them. I have a 1600....... and the seat is not too bad, but i would love an after market one!! i can't justify spending over 500 bux on one though. The pillion seat on all vulcans is not overly conducive to long travel comfort.
    From what i have read on other forums, the mustang is a very good seat.
  4. They have a good rep, pricey though. Have put sheepskin covers on my C50 seats, makes ride a lot more comfortable.
  5. from what i can gather, the sheep skin pad is the best cheap option for comfort. I'm just trying to get my hands on a small piece of black sheep skin.
  6. Got my fitted set from company in Geelong, cost about $160 for most cruisers I think, advertise in Road Rider mag. I think the name is Cruiser Komfort or like that, will check when I get home tonight.
  7. that name rings a bell.... i think a guy showed me one time in the same mag.
  8. Hi guys

    thanks for your input. my pc has been down for a couple of days so i got your msg's tonight. i just find the original seat very hard on the butt after a 100k or so and even after stopping for a while its not much better..might look into the sheep skin option though cos the mustang is expensive.

  9. Hey Rod

    Cant find Cruiser Komfort in Geelong on a search...would appreciate more info if you can find it.

    Bears 11
  10. Try Cruisin Comfort, will try and remember when I get home from work to post contact details.
  11. Internet details: www.cruisncomfort.com

    Mobile: 0410 786373
  12. Thanks Rod..
  13. Well finally decided on the sheepskin option mainly due to cost....have ordered thru Cruis'n Comfort. Should have it in a week or so....Thanks for the advice guys.
  14. Enjoy Bear11, your @rse will thank you.