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VTX1300C stock exhaust

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by cjbroad, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. I just bought a second hand VTX1300 and it has an awesome sound. Only one problem, it won't pass for the RWC and i don't have thstock pipes. OEM pipes are over $3,000 new!!!! Can anyone help?

  2. Firstly welcome to NR..

    Have you tried to get a RWC and told them you have bought it, not selling it ??
  3. Have you tried to get a RWC and told them you have bought it, not selling it ??

    Yep, the pipes that are on it are just way too loud for current ADR's and because I'm bringing it from interstate it has to go through a vic roads inspection.
  4. The Vicroads inspection is only to check VIN / engine number / etc., they didn't ask me to start my bike when I was registering a bike from interstate. The inspection took < 10 minutes.
  5. Cool, didn't know that. I just need someone "dodgy" that will do the RWC for me then :grin:
  6. Take heed of the comments from Blue14; it does seem easier to get a RWC when you are buying rather than selling.
  7. It wont be a dodgy as such.. I sold my Boulevard and it had loud pipes. I got the RWC and told the bloke who bought it the situation. He was cool with it and knew that the bike didnt have the pipes when the RWC was done.. :wink:

    So considering you have already bought it, it shouldnt be a problem. Hell all bikes have pipes ..

    Do you know where i am coming from ?? :grin:

    Also, all you have to do is get a RWC in Vic, then take the plate and RWC to Vic Rds, they dont even need to see the bike. You must ring first though to make an appointment with them. You transfer it over, they give you a Vic plate and on your way out you pay whats due and off you go.