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Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by MRVTX, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone, I am new here, have been lurking for a little while now.
    Just thought i would show a pic of my bike as it was before xmas, as on the 23 Dec i cam off and damaged the bike, all is good as its getting fixed and there was no major injuries to me or my father inlaw.
    My bike is a VTX1800 with a 250 wide tyre and 8 degree trees with a 21" front wheel.


  2. Looks awesome.. :twisted:
  3. Nice wheels Macca............. :cool:

  4. That's hot!
  5. :roll: Its no 109 .......................... :LOL: .

    You forget to say ,it has happy gas .

    Good to see you here Macca :grin:
  6. When will you be up and running again Macca?
  7. Ok, time to tell us about some of the mods...that doesn't look standard to me :LOL:
  8. ooo pretty...
  9. Ok the mods are

    1) modified tubular sumo-x swingarm
    2) 18x10 Ballistic rear wheel with 250x40x18 avon vemon tyre
    3) 21x3.5 Ballistic front wheel with avon tyre
    4) front matching rotor dicsc Ballistics
    5) modified seat
    6) Vance & Hines pipes but now they are cut down
    7) intergrated number plate assy with LED brake light and indcators
    8) 8 degree triple trees with 2" fork extensions
    9) PCIII
    10) MTC heavy duty clutch
    11) now has candy apple paint job
    12) now has tear drop mirrors
    13) now has new ISO grips
    14) now has Supreme Legend Forward Controls
    15) now has a radiator shroud
    16) 250 rear fender
    17) FatKatz front fender
    18) 412 Heavy duty raer progressive shocks
    19) battery relocated to under the swingarm for \
    20) 60 HP of NOS
    21) Apocalypse Air filter

    there that is all the mods I have done to her in 1 year
    I have done 28500KM on her in the 1 year i have had her since new

  10. Hey Macca,

    Welcome aboard. Now mate, you know if it was a 109 you'd have tricked it right up - maybe a wool seat cover or something. :LOL: Be good to go for a run when you're back on the road.

  11. Nuh, a tank bra will do............. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Hey !!! mine has a tankbra :eek: , not gonna flash her sexiness to just anyone :shock:
  13. Nice bike Macca, welcome ... dun know if I'd like that air intake between my legs though :wink:

    What caused the off ? How long until your up and running again ?

  14. Sweet ride. Love the paint work.
    All the mods... wow I am envious...lol