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VtrElmarcos CBR600RR Ponderings

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by VtrElmarco, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. I had the pleasure of riding a 2 kay old CBR600RR the other week. Here are my ponderings…

    Approaching it at idle, I was looking for the extension cord as it sounds like a Dyson vacuum cleaner. It really needs a pipe. A very good looking bike none the less.

    When you first sit on them, there is almost no front to the bike. You are just perched on top of it. I really liked it and in felt comfy from the word go. Colour me stunned, but the mirrors are very effective. My knees did hit the edges of the fairing, but I reckon in the twisty stuff, you could really hang off the thing.

    The gear box was still a little stiff, but was of the usual Honda quality and I am sure it would loosen up buttery smooth after a few thousand kays. Taking off I wondered were all the power was. There is absolutely no bottom end to these 600cc bikes at all. Note to self, ride like you stole it.
    Midrange compared to the VTR was also a little disappointing, but get above 8-9 grand and hold on as the thing takes off like a magic carpet with a rocket up it’s arse. The harder I rode this bike the better it felt. The sound was a little disappointing at high revs still.

    Please note all opinions are derived from my highly tuned arse dyno only. I measured the HP to be around 443 HP at 77 000 rpm. You don't want details of the calibration process.

    One thing I could not get over was how stupidly fantastic the front end and rear suspension was. It made the VTR feels like a saggy old woman (but I still love her). The radial callipers and USD forks were a work of art. Braking felt like you could feel the surface of the road on your palm. Exceptional. It floated over the bumps, which was a massive surprise. I expected it to kick off bumps and be real nervous, but it was the complete opposite. Turn in to corners was very quick, but not fast enough to catch you out.

    Overall, a fantastic bike and if we were all honest with ourselves, it is all we need for the street and track.
    Would I buy one….no.
    If I was a learner upgrading would I buy one….yes.
  2. nice review there el marco!

    so why wouldn't you buy one if its a fantastic bike?
  3. I can't really put my finger on it livingstonest. I didn't really float my boat I guess. This is not meant to belittle the bike in anyway as it was exceptional. I also wanted to point out that a learner (Except the most hamfisted) could safely jump on this bike and be comfortable after there restrictions.

    I am sure a run up through the twisty stuff on it would change my mind!

    I am also very used to a v-twin type power delivery now and I really did miss the bottom and mid range punch. Some people like this, but some others prefer the top end hit. Plus I tend to like a few of the different/ugly looking bikes as well.

    I am hoping to ride an 04 R6 this christmas and will post a report on that as well. :D
  4. I found the mid-range to be be pretty good...for a 600 that is. Try riding a 600 of a few years ago and you'll know what I mean ;)
  5. Thats me!!!! ^^^^
    When the top end hits, you know about it though!
    Under 9K, nothing..... :cry:
    Above 9K, incredible fun! :D
  6. I already want a 600RR, not fair posting this up.