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VTR250's 2005 vs 2010 riding position differences?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by khughes, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,

    a couple of weeks ago, my wife and I bought a 2005 model VTR250. We mostly bought the bike as my wife was having difficulty with the size of the BMW G650GS we had originally bought to do our L's/P's on (the bike is fine for me, but too heavy to begin with for my wife.. that and we are still waiting for a lower seat to come in from germany.. 8 weeks later)

    My wife really likes the size and weight of the VTR250, though she has a bit of a bad back, and doesn't like hunching over (a reason we bought the enduro style bike to begin with). She is only 5ft3, and i am 6ft.. when i have ridden the bike i have always felt cramped over the fuel tank and that the bars are way too short.

    We went to a HART course over the weekend, and they were running the EFI version of the VTR250 (2009/2010 i am guessing). I loved it.. it was comfortable and actually gave me a lot of confidence...

    Jumping back on our VTR, it just doesn't feel as comfortably.. it feels like it is a much much smaller bike.

    can anyone tell me if there are major differences between the 2 in the handle bar area? i believe the tank shape is a little different.. but are the handle bars higher or wider too? and if so, how could i go about making our bike similar?

    I presume our VTR250 is standard, it doesn't seem to have any obvious modifications.
  2. Ask a Honda dealer. Parts bloke.

    He may know if there are any difference in the bars.
    But you may snag on the electrics. Wider bars means longer wiring, but if there is a difference, they might know if they'll fit.