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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Pono, May 22, 2008.

  1. For my first bike i am now looking at a 1999 VTR250, i'm 6'3 and aboutn90kg.

    Love the style and the specs of the bike, do you think this would be a good choice for me?

  2. Excellent bike. i had a 1998. I'm about the same build as you and I couldn't have asked for a better learner bike!
  3. Very interested to know if/when you find one, how much it is and the condition of it. I have been looking around for a VTR250 as a first bike, and the ol' 'Perth premium' seems to have kicked in. It's hard to find any VTR's for less than about $5500... and that was a bl00dy 1999!!!

    Private sales are probably cheaper, but even then, not a great deal around that I can see... and being not mechanically minded I would need to call in re-inforcements to have a look. I have a couple of mates who ride, but I wouldn't want to have to rely on them to say if the bike was 'good' or not.

    So, yeah, profuse verbiage over - just want to know how you go...
  4. I had a 2000 VTR250, did about 45,000km on mine in 15 months. :)

    They're great learner bikes. Easy to ride, sporty 'n agile, great fun around town, cheap to insure and easy to maintain. I'm 6'4 and 85kg and found it alright... Could have done with a little bit more legroom, but it was alright.

    Really, all that matters is whether you find them comfortable to sit on.
  5. Hey Pono,

    I'm 6'2, 90kg and it fits me fine.

    You wont be disappointed mate. They are a great bike in terms of looks, reliability, ridability and cost.

    If you can get one with an after market muffler, the sound is awesome!!! I have a Megacycle can on mine.

    I can't get enough of my VTR. :cool:
  6. I count myself lucky. I bought a 2003 VRT privately through Bikepoint about three months ago for $3,750. Like you I wasn't confident in my ability to check out a bike pre-sale so I enlisted a guy to check some out for me. The VTR checked out great although it had 50,000Km. Had new hi spec tyres and a sports exhaust. SOUNDS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. BTW I am 6' and 100Kg and I fit well. The low down torque is very useful for a big bloke
    Love my VTR.
  7. If you can wait till September you can buy my 07 VTR for $5500. Nothing wrong with it. Runs awesomely. Megacycle exhaust. Heated grips. Ventura rack and bag. Will still be under warranty in Sept. Only 50000kms. Might be a tad more by selling time though.

    Pono - the VTR250 is an awesome bike and should do you fine, but you're best to go sit on one and even better if you can take it for a good test ride before making any decisions.
  8. Rosie.. we'd be interested in buying your bike !!!

    you're pretty keen on the Shiver eh ??
  9. Excellent well if this back fires ill be giving you a call:)

    Cheers for that guys all excited now! Looking at it tomoro hopefully, got all my kit yesterday!