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Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by nibor, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. mmk well now im claiming the damage after my bingle, ive decided to do a few mods on the way. already gonna be doing a dual headlight conversion, im pretty sure it will end up cheaper than a new stock headlight n bracket and surround.

    shame i cant get a zorst, AAMI wont let me performance mod (coz im gonna get an extra 43hp from a megacycle :roll:) as ive heard of insurers opting to get aftermarket slip-ons since its like $300 less than a new stock full system.

    im also looking into a screen at the moment, but is there anything else anyone can think of? would it be possible/feasible to add another front rotor? i know i could change teeth on the rear, but i dunno if id prefer more accel, or a higher top end :LOL: im thinknig the former though. and whether or not this would be a performance mod. arrggh fuggin insurers restrictions.

    aaanyways, any comments/ideas/descriptions of what you've already done would be great to hear!

    Nibs :grin:

  2. If you're battling to find more power do you really need more brakes? :p
  3. depends on how good your repairer is to deal with.....;)
  4. Besides the VTR brakes are pretty bloody good already.
  5. it wouldnt by any chance be at AAMI in airport west would it??I just went to quote a CBR1000 and saw a VTR250 there
  6. i dont think theres such thing as enough brakes. yeah, theyre good, but more stopping power is better (within reason i spose).

    nah, she's currently below me, in the carport :p and i'll be going through AAMI Vermont, its a tad closer than Airport West :?
  7. braided lines nibor, best 120 bucks ive ever spent on the little bastard. VTR brakes are more than adequate, i can do rolling endos on mine, how much more brake do you want/need. if you are experiancing brake fad, you might find find your discs are undersize or getting worn adding another front rotor would mean fitting a different rim, and sourcing an oppossing caliper, actually the old VFR750s used the same calipers as the vtr i think????. going up 3-4 teeth on the rear will give you enought extra zing without sacrificing too much top end. how often do you need to go at 160km/h, and how long will it take you to get there? mines up 7 teeth on the rear sprocket, maxs out at 148, and doesnt take 10 mins to get there....
    the whole zorst performance thing is bollocks, you'll actually loose hp unless you correct the jetting, its not really noticable on the 2fiddy anyway. why dont you have a chat to the mechanic doing the reapairs? see if you can sort something out? imo there is no point throwing too much money into the performance mods on a 250, in terms of bling, ask kominsta, his bike is barely recognisable.

    myself, im going the opposite direction, im doing a dual sport conversion for my vtr :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. the brakes on a VTR are ok, braided lines if you want better

    the extra rotating weight isnt worth it
  9. Not true. The staintune definitely improves performance, especially the mid range, without rejetting, even with the baffle in. And the sound is just wonderful....


    Trevor G

    PS Having ridden the VTR250 both ways, and still owning one as described.
  10. Try a hugger from Replico.


    I also sourced a low-volume production fairing from the nsw north coast.

    You won't get a higher top speed by gearing-up a VTR250 - just the chance to cruise at lower revs. On the other hand, gearing down by increasing the rear sprocket size will improve acceleration a little...at the expense of higher cruising revs and increased fuel consumption


    Trevor G
  11. Trev - that hugger n screen/fairing is exactly what i was thinking of :grin:
    i'll google Replico, but do you have any contact info for the fairing/screen?

    cheers for the help mate! :)

    if that doesnt end up too expensive, i might just change the globe/headlight, but leave it single so it fits.... damn now i have to look into that too :LOL:

    *EDIT* mmm the rear hugger from Replico is a goer i reckon. their bikini looks like a cube, n the 1/2 bikini isnt much better. the wrap-around look with yours is awesome. if i could find out where you sourced it, that'd be awesome :)
  12. yep having riden the bike both ways aswell, and done 42000kms on it. maybe 1hp increase? mine just felt better with the stock pipe at most points of the rev range. but will you notice it? there are other things on the bike which have a far greater effect on performance, mainly the condition of the fuel filter, carb balance, chain condition etc etc. it is not a justifiable $700 mod in terms of performance. another problem with the pipe is that it will put a dent in the swing arm in even a low speed spill.
  13. I'll do my best. ;-)

    Oh, and don't you think the gold engine covers on the early models looks better than the awful japanese silverfrost they applied on the late models?

    Mind you, I wish I had a tacho...


    Trevor G
  14. yes! and the red shock spring instead of the yellow, n the other red 'bits' (you can tell i dont know too much :p im pretty sure theyre the lines from the magneto or whatever, to the spark plugs?), both look so much better. those, WITH a tacho, n ur set :grin:
  15. I reckon this would look nice on the matte black vtr

  16. wouldnt it just better to wait and upgrade?

    or some people are just dead set on a vtr250?
  17. u clearly shouldnt be riding yours, you dont deserve such a beast :p
  18. due to current finances, and future aim of getting a commercial helicopter licence, but doing it privately, not thru army etc, i dont think i will be upgrading too soon. it costs roughly $35,000. i'd rather spend a few bucks on the 250 to keep me happy, than sell (and not get much coz by next year i will have stacked on 30-40,000km, i ride alot :)) her, and get a pretty average 600/whatever for the dough i have.

    thankyou for helping with my current enquiries :p
  19. trevor, just wondering if youve found the contact details of the company who made the fairing? im assuming thats you and your bike in the pic :p

    or if anyone else knows, it'd be great if u could pass it on. i know Replico have a similar screen/fairing, but thats the thing. its not the same.
  20. Sorry, no success so far.

    He makes surfboards on the north coast somewhere.

    The bike shop I purchased through also has lost the contact details.

    I will look some more when I get a chance, tho.

    Trevor G