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  1. Hi there, I am about to buy a VTR 250 (as soon as i can find one), i prefer to buy froma shop to get ALL riding gear bundled up in th cost.

    Before i buy one, i have some questions, and have been getting various answers in store.

    SHould i consider other bikes, eg FZX250 ?

    How powerfull are they? Eg how quick would they do a 1/4 mile? Do they beat HSV etc? As far as off the line speed, qhat car would say they are closest compared to?

    Seems the current model has a couple more features than 2003 and usually for only 1 or 2k more - can anyone commment on a feature comparision between 2003/2005 ? I can see slightly different bars and a tacho - is that it? Aside from the obvious muffler mod, what else recommended for one of these?

    OH and its gotta be matt black!

  2. I've been riding a 99 vtr for a few months now... sure it'll beat a current hsv!

    ...as long as the driver is 95 years old.
    Otherwise? No freakin way.
    I struggle to beat even older base falcodores off the line let alone a hsv...
  3. I have a 2001 and it is plenty quick enough.
    I don't know what car would be comparable though.

    I thought the only diff between 2003 and 2005 was colour options?!

    Tacho was introduced in the 2003 model so it has one.
    Pre 2003 does not have tacho.
  4. Duped Bogus' post info
  5. i know you've pretty much made up your mind, but have you looked at any other models or second hand bikes? because buying new is exxy and not worth the extra $$$ IMO. its just an opinion, but the money could be better spent buying private and shopping around for gear. unless you're made of money, i SERIOUSLY recommend saving that hard earned for a bike that you'll keep for more than a year.

    speed? dont even worry about it on a 250 :p be content that you're no longer an idiot cager and have ascended to a higher plane of existance :cool: plus chicks love bikes :LOL: i dunno, you might drag off a few lower level cars that arent trying too hard, but my GFs 1990 mazda 929 will keep a decent pace with most twin 250s. certainly not a HSV beater.

    yep, thats it for the features, and that'll be it for some time too. forget about the can aswell unless your made of money, all it will do on a 250 is make it sound a little less like a postie bike. not worth the $$ IMO but its not my money either :wink:

    whatever you do, have fun. bikes rock :D
  6. Hmmm this isnt good. I also have a current model Falcon and i reckon i would like my bike to be at least that quick :(

    So does anyone know how quick it does 100 or a 1/4 mile?

    Cant beat a mazda? thats not good. I aint made of money, but i can afford a muffler mod, but i dont think i will be buying new, too many second hands ones in the paper, just none in the shops. Second ones seem to be a few yellow ones around, which i guess means custom paint - another drawback for me.

    If anyone wants to sell a black 2003+ this week, please let me know.
  7. 30 seconds? :LOL:

    nar, i think the CBR/ZXR is around the 14-15sec 1/4 in GOOD hands and they're a little quicker than a VTR. dunno about 0-100 but 250's feel painfully slow compared to my 7 now. used to be fun as tearing up to 100 tho :D

    remember, its not just about speed (unless you wanna brag to your mates). its about the FUN factor :D
  8. Why do you need to beat HSV's? Get a HSV to beat a HSV, a crap one will cost about as much as VTR and license + gear. While you're learning get a bike you can handle, it's easy to go fast, but not easy to do it safely.
  9. Save your bikkes, shop around for a fair deal on a 2nd hand VTR250. Don't worry about it's colour or aftermarket pipe, good mechanical condition is what you are after. There aren't a lot of standard 250's out there that are going to be quicker than a large capacity 6 or 8cyl car. If there were, then we would all be restricted to 100cc or less when learning!
    When you get your 250, immediately start saving for the upgrade. It really is a pointless exercise chasing performance on a 2nd hand 250 that will put out a max of 30-40hp. You are much better off saving those dollars to buy a better quality larger bike if speed is what you are after.
  10. I dont specifically wanna beat anything, just trying to get an indication of power.

    I come from dirt bike background so its hard to compare. I have also owned 12+ V8s, so its a way for me to understand the power. I can already ride, i just need something for 12 months until i can trade into something funner. Wife has decided she will get her license and have a go as well, so the VTR is still prolly the best option.

    Saving for an upgrade aint the issue, i could buy my dream bike now, but the law dont permit :(

    I dont specifically need to go at the speed of light anywhere, i know i will get bored with limited power quickly, but i dont wanna be bored shitless after one weekend.
  11. dont worry, speed isn't all there is to it, really. first time you hit a road with more than 10ks of tight twisties, you'll understand what its all about. and in those cases, the difference between a 250 and a 1000 is pretty much all up to the rider, i've beaten big bikes on my old bandit, they're a biatch to overtake, but it can be done.

    then theres lanesplitting and general hoonery, you dont need a big bike to have fun. VTR is a good option, just dont pour too much money into it and shop around for your gear. if you like it, and have the means, then buy it.
  12. All 4 stroke 250's are slow...

    VTR is the best of the bunch.

    No one knows the 0-100 times because no one cares, they feel fast enough and with a good rider will keep up with anyone in the twisties.

    p.s. HSV's suck.
  13. Cool - sounds sensible.

    Shop around for the gear? I am going to buy the lot, boots gloves, pants, jacket and helmet. Was quoted $1200 today off the rack.

    If i cant find a black one i will get the cheapest/newest i can find.
  14. yeah, that they are

    pfft... based on what? i'll say it probably looks about the best, but they're certainly not the quickest 250 out there. any of the 4 cyls would eat it up and even the old SPADA should be quicker if its been looked after, being that it has the same motor with an extra gear and a lighter frame.

    just have a flick through the netriders partner pages. helmet you'll only save on if the one you want is on special (i lucked out on that one last time). but the gear you can get in HEAPS of different brands/styles/shapes and most importantly, PRICES. $1200 sounds ok for the whole lot, just make sure you're not going for a big brand jacket at the expense of a good helmet. not a fan of the cheapo lids, they all pass the same standards i guess, but they dont feel as nice and i was warned off them multiple times....
  15. But the quicker 250s are how much quicker? HEAPS? a bit? Also i assume it means the move over to a faired sports bike? eg CBR, FZR or even RGV ?

    I am going to buy all the gear and wear it on every ride, but is the genrel consensus that this is a bit wussy or do most people wear the gear every ride? i see heaps of guys with cams or shorts on lately, seems CRAZY to me.
  16. nar, inline 4s so naked or faired, tho the race replica bikes are a little quicker than the nakeds. but nar, not by much. and you really cant tell just how much once your off the 250s, they all feel slow then :LOL:

    VTR is a good un still, just saying "its the best" may not be the most accurate comment tho :wink:
  17. How about Honda Hornet? or Yamaha FZX Zeal 250 ? or Suzuki GSF250 How do they compare to VTR ? I am starting to think they may make for a better option, more power, and the hornet is defintely hornier looking.

    Are any of these smaller bikes in size than the VTR? I could fit on anything smaller than the VTR.

    NSR = 2 stroke? No thanks - i wanna cruise around.
  18. Has someone an online version of a manual for Spada 250-1993 In pdf or else also can someone help me to see an online parts' price list for parts?[/quote]