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VTR250 Would should I expect to pay?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Schiller, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. I am looking at buying a Honda VTR 250 Love the look of them and they seem to have some great feedback.
    I have looked at what red book says is the average price on them but when looking at trading post and bikesales the prices don't really match up.
    I am after second hand. Any input on what people have payed for theirs or what they know they sell for would be very apreaciated also info on any other places to look for second hand bikes.
    I live in the hunter so anyone that can recomend bike shops would be a great help also.
    Thankyou in advance.

  2. I'm also looking at the vtr250. Check out www.bikesales.com.au to get a further idea of what is available and prices.

    For a 2003-2005 model with below 20 000km I think you are looking at about $5000-$6000...
  3. what state are you in mate?

    i picked mine up for 3900, 2001 model... And i havn't seen many around that price since. You should be able to pick one up at around 4500 if you keep your eyes peeled on forums/websites/etc..
  4. Thanks for feedback I am in NSW Newcastle area
    Any suggestions on Forums to keep an eye on?
  5. This one.

    + bikesales/bikepoint
  6. Cool might look into that bike.
    I go for the rider training and test tomorrow and staying at a friends house for the 2 days I need to get up early to make it to test center and then it will be time to get my bum on a bike of my own:)
    As long as I pass...
    Thanks for all the info.
    This will be my last reply till i get home though.
    Will look at any other replys then.
  7. Good luck mate

    a place where i forgot to mention is on ebay, i found a pretty decent one on there when i was looking many moons ago (while waiting for insurance payout from my first VTR :mad: ) and missed it :(
  8. Well I got my L's been looking around still not to much in newcastle as far as VTR 250cc's are concerned I had a look at brand new and was going to be about $9000 including on road.
    Thing that got me is guy was offering $300 off and 10% discount on gear for cash not going to happen, 3% saving does not cut it . expected alot more than that.
  9. Yeah mates thats shit. I got 15-20% off all of my gear when I bought my jacket, helmet and gloves - and I didn't get my bike there. Was about $720 RRP, got it under 600.

    10% discount on gear when buying a bike is a total joke! You can get 10% off if you ask nicely when buying any single piece of bike gear.
  10. if you were talking your gear thrown in for free you might have cause to get excited. dont buy new if ya a jewb, not im your mother, but you save soooo much money buying second hand. for a decent low kilometres (ie 10-20k kms) 02-04 model, you can pay between 4500-6000 bucks. patience will yeild the best result, but if you gotta buy sooner, you gotta do what you gotta do.
    picking up a real cheapie with a few extra kays is possible, motors unless neglected will go forever, brakes and suspension get tired around the 60k km mark. if you get stuck ill be selling mine soon :idea: :grin:
  11. idontlikemondays mate! why you selling?? Let me know when/if you sell, I know a few people looking at picking up a VTR or Spade

    I agree about the suspension starting to get tired, i've got 728xx on my VTR, and i don't treat her gently either :LOL: Brakes... well it's no firestorm :p

    The engine will go forever and a day, though i'm starting to get some noise which i think is the cam chain...
  12. thanks mate, that will be good, id rather keep it word of mouth. i want to buy an XR4 or a DRZ400, just to hit the trails. ill be selling mine for the 3500 to 3800 mark depending on how much she costs me to fix up the suspension and brakes
  13. Well hopefully I wont get stuck but if I do can you please send me a PM when you are thinking of selling. I don't have a car and the bus is just not fun so looking at getting a bike sooner rather than later. I am not going to rush in though and throw away more hard earnt cash than I need to if I can help it.