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VTR250 won't start - is it a R/R issue?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by grox, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Dear smart people,

    I tried to start my 03 vtr250 yesterday and there's no action when I hit the start button.

    When I turn the key to ignition, the lights don't even come on.
    -The battery measures 12.8-12.9 volts
    -Sidestand is up, kill switch is on run, neutral gear
    -All fuses are ok except for the green (30A) one in the circle below which I found blown. Is that even the regulator/rectifier?

    I tried replacing it but it blew again. Any ideas?


  2. The no action is almost certainly due to the blown fuse. The fact that a fuse blew again means you have a short somewhere and your challenge now is to find out what/where it is.

    Start by checking your wiring and look for obvious broken or loose wiring wires, or worn or bare insulation which is touching metal where it shouldn't ought to be.

    After that you may need test equipment.

    If you have a manual for your bike it may give you a step by step process to follow which allows you to eliminate what is OK and by process of elimination to work out where the fault is.

    If you don't have the skills take it to your bike shop or an auto electrician.
  3. Sounds like a serious short to earth problem there. +1 for looking for exposed wires.
    If you have a garage and a good supply of fuses,replace the fuse then turn out the lights and look for a spark (orange or blue) when you turn on the power again..that will help narrow down where the short is.
  4. OK then, thanks for the help. I'd better get some more fuses ;)
  5. nope the reg is on the inside of the trellis frame, near the triangle on the right hand side of the bike.

    What electrical tools, experiance do you have?

    Do you have a manual?
  6. I don't have a manual.

    I have a day off tomorrow and I plan to look for shorts. I don't have much experience at troubleshooting bikes. What kind of electrical tools do you mean?

    If I can't figure it all out I guess it's going to the shop...
  7. I think it could be the starter relay - the fuse that was blown was the starter relay fuse and I can't find any shorts to frame...
  8. could be the relay. You can remove it and wire it manually and run the multi-meter across it to test.

    Alternatively it could be a short in the starter motor. Lets hop it's just the relay.
  9. ibast, what kind of reading should I be seeing across the relay? If I short the two terminals the bike sounds like it will turn over, and the negative terminal of the battery sparks. (I only did this a coupla times ;))
  10. Hang on. Your say you get sparks from the negative terminal with earth lead installed as per normal?

    If so, that is your problem. You have a bad connection or a faulty terminal post down into the battery.
  11. Sorry, I'm pretty new to this - would you mind explaining that to me? I don't think it's the battery. The battery reads ok on the multimeter and can power up stuff when I remove it from the bike. The negative terminal screws onto the battery easily.
  12. I find that most battery problems are just a bad connection at the terminal. If you are getting sparks from the terminal when all is connected properly, then your problem lies there. Pull the earth lead and giver evrything a good wire brush. bolt back together firmly.
  13. I'll do that now. Why would the fuse blow if it is just the terminal connection?

    edit: OK, you were right! I gave it a super good scrub and really tightened the connections, now the beast lives.

    Thanks for your help, ibast and others. You guys are awesome!
  14. When a terminal is sparking like that it is drawing a massive current.
  15. Ah, stupid me.