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VTR250 wont start in gear?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Christine, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I have just started riding a VTR250cc and am loving every minute of it! :)

    It is, however, very apparent that I don't know my bike very well and I'm not sure how to best rectifiy this. Yesterday my girl was dropped from a standing position :( From first look it appears the left hand mirror just needs adjusting and tightening. I was able to drive it home but she dosen't to want to start in gear...it will only start in neutral. Nothing at all happens when I try to start in gear. If anyone has any idea why this may be and how I can fix it I would be so very grateful! I think the left indicator case also needs fixing. I have snapped it back on. I am devastated! So far it is yet to be me to cause my bike harm! :(

    Thank you.

  2. Christine,

    On most bikes there is a switch on the sidestand to prevent you taking off when it is down. Make sure you arent trying to start in gear with the sidestand down.

    Cheers, Chris.
  3. In addition to what Yoda said:

    Most bikes don't start in gear for obvious reasons unless you are holding the clutch lever in, which is controlled by a switch in the clutch lever housing. See if there are two electrical wires coming out of the clutch lever housing. Make sure the wires or connection have not been loosened or broken by the fall (eg the fall caused the clutch lever housing to rotate around the bar etc).
  4. Thanks guys. I played with both the side stand and the electrical wires (jiggled them...they don't look broken) at the time and again now...still nothing. :(
  5. If it doesn't cut out when you kick it into gear I'd take another look at the clutch lever. You can do whatever you want with the clutch after it's started which is why you can get it going in neutral, but if it was a problem with the kickstand sensor then the engine would never be running whilst in gear.
  6. +1 to Azamakumar and others, the symptoms point to Clutch switch.
  7. I really appreciate your feedback. Thank you. I am confused as to why the clutch switch would have been damaged by such a small fall on the opposite side of the bike? Is there any reason why it would be unsafe to ride to get it to someone to take a look for me?
  8. I had the same issue several weeks ago christine, was all in the clutch, prob fixed in less than 2min ;)
  9. oh thank you for your support! Was your problem the result of a drop? Were you able to fix it yourself or did you have to take it to a mechanic?
  10. Not as a result of a drop just had a tantrum(the bike, not me) My step dad who is a mechanic made an adjustment to the clutch and was all good, Id suggest call in and see a mechanic,
  11. Worst case scenario is that the engine would cut out because the switch is faulty, which would be more or less the same as flicking the kill switch while moving/rolling off throttle (engine braking).

    You should be fine.

    EDIT: if you're not too creeped out by us yet I'm sure a big burly bloke from here would be happy to come service it

    EDIT2: and when he's done he can take a look at the clutch problem, giggity
  12. You said you needed to readjust/tighten your left mirror, so I thought you meant the bike fell on the left, where the clutch lever is?

    It seems unlikely the switch would have been damaged, but I can't really imagine why else you wouldn't be able to start it in gear without experiencing other problems. The internal components of the switch itself may have been rattled loose or something. I've had brake light switches fail on me, although not through an impact.

    You could test the circuit by unplugging the two wires and using a paper clip or similar to bypass the switch, then try to start. If it does, your switch is broken. Of course, you have to make sure the ignition is definitely off when playing with the wires. I'm not sure if a motorcycle battery can electrocute you, but might as well avoid finding out. (I'm sure another member can enlighten me on this issue?)

    Doubt it, but who knows? I would certainly ride it.
  13. oh gosh no wonder everyone is confused! RIGHT side. It fell on the right! You guys are certainly not creeping me out! I can't thank you enough for any and all help you feel like offering - God knows I need it! At least until I learn enough that I can in turn offer the favour to the next green rider to come along :) I have had a friend helping me (with buying and a couple of basic lessons) but unfortunately (for me) he is away on holiday at the moment
  14. Keep in mind that until it's sorted, there's the chance of the bike cutting out without warning. That could be in the middle of a corner or along the road with a truck right behind you.
  15. So, did you get this sorted? I had exactly the same problem as you. In my case, it turned out that the two little wires leading into the clutch were not crimped properly. One of the guys from the forum fixed it for me (thanks muchly). I still find it occasionally happens, which necessitates giving the leads a shove.
  16. Hi,

    The bike has to be in neutral (green "N" light on), otherwise the starter won't work. (Owners manual p29)

  17. what? the bike won't cut out if the clutch switch is dodgy. that switch's SOLE duty is to stop the bike being STARTED if it's in gear

    go pull the wiring off your own clutch switch. see what the effects are. then come back here and tell this poor n00b your advice needlessly spooked her

    OP to test clutch switch, do this.
    *pull wires off clutch switch
    *bridge plugs with a short piece of wire (paperclip will work if that's all you have
    *sit on bike, lift sidestand, bike in gear, key ON
    *pull clutch as normal and hit the starter

    if it springs to life, kill the engine, pull the wire/paperclip out and repeat starting process. if it doesn't start, the clutch switch/wiring is the cause. it WILL NOT affect you AT ALL beyond not being able to start in gear.
  18. Hi,

    Thank you all for your feedback. I apologise I haven't had a chance to get back on the computer sooner. It has been because of similiar concerns to Wayned that I have been nervous to ride the bike although from speaking to friends on the phone they feel sure that Azamakumar thoughts are correct. A mate was hoping to have a look for me yesterday but got caught up.

    I tried to do a bit of sluthing the other day and discovered this...
    please see attached photo

    The arm of the round disk opens when I put the bike in gear and try to start it with the clutch pulled in. When I put it in netural and start the bike up the arm stays closed. Is this normal?

    Attached Files:

  19. That cam and cable is the throttle so will move around as you move the throttle grip. It has no electrical connections as far as I know.

    Just to make sure you have it right in your mind, the Owners manual on this bike says:


    This tends to indicate you can start it if the clutch is in, and the sidestand is up. Or you can start it with the sidestand down if the bike is in neutral. Can you test this, get on the bike, kick the sidestand up, bike in gear and clutch in.

    Does it start?
  20. Hi Christine,

    If you're sure that the bike should start in gear, then I still think your problem is likely to be a faulty clutch lever switch and that you should test it as TheForgotten and I suggested. It should only take a moment, and if the switch is not the problem then at least the most likely issue is knocked out of the way and we can start looking at other possibilities. TheForgotten already outlined the procedure above.