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VTR250 won't start in first?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Fitty, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. I've had my bike for about 18 months now, and yesterday it would cut out when I changed into first from neutral with the stand down. I've never had it do that to me before. I know some bikes won't let you start/change in to first with the stand down, but I wasn't aware that the VTR250 was one of them. So what is the mechanism by which it shuts down the engine, and why would it start doing it now?

  2. That is strange. Have you cleaned it lately :) There should be a sensor near the stand. It might have a loose connection?
  3. Well I have no idea why you're bike has only started to do it now, but I can tell you that my 06 vtr has always killed the engine when kicking into gear with the stand down. I assumed all vtr's were the same.
  4. Yep, mine kills the engine too in first. I bet your kickstand switch was jammed with grime or something similar, and finally popped!
  5. All bikes are made to kill the engine if you go from neutral into gear with the stand down and with the clutch engaged. However if you disengage the clutch first then the stand kill switch is bypassed and the engine remains running.
  6. I figured that would be it. I don't want to disable it, I was just curious as to why it had started now after this long.
  7. Check the operation and adjustment of the switch. It's located down on the side stand. Easy job
  8. If it starts bothering you, perhaps you could give it to me.

    I have proof in my jeans and my left side fairing that they serve a good purpose 8-[