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VTR250 won't start after 3 months of sitting

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by revz, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. Hello all,

    As the title states, my 2007 VTR250 won't start after 3 months of sitting in a covered car park. The bike was starting fine before and had a service less than 3000kms ago. I could hear the starting motor turning but the engine just wouldn't start. Did some research on the net and it seems the most probable reason are the spark plugs and carburetors. I don't think the spark plugs on my vtr would be the problem as they were only changed less than 3000kms ago in my previous service. I tried draining my carbs but that didn't work as well. However every time I drained my carbs and tried to start the bike again, the engine would start for a second then die again. After that I would just hear the starting motor turning. From the net, it seems like the next thing I should do is to clean the carbs however I don't have a compressor for compressed air. Also I don't have much practical mechanical experience. Therefore I want to leave cleaning the carbs as a last resort. Any other things I should check other than draining the carbs and recharging the battery? Any input would be appreciated, thanks :]

  2. If the fuel is 3 months old it's more than likely stale. Drain the old fuel from the tanks, lines and carbies and refill the tank with fresh fuel. Also charge the battery up again too.
  3. I suspect more likely the carbie bowls are empty and you aren't getting enough fuel into the motor to run.

    Pull out a plug and check whether wet or dry after you have tried to start. If dry you aren't getting fuel. If wet maybe you are maybe you aren't. Also earth the plug and check if you are getting spark.

    Try a splash of fuel down the air filter or carbie throats if you can get to them.

    Another option may be to take out a plug or two and spash some fuel directly into the cylender. If that causes it to fire and then stop it sounds like not enough fuel.

    As Banm-Bamm said ensure you don't flatten the battery or it will just add to your problems and possibly end up stuffing the battery as well. If it sounds like it is starting to slow down in turning the motor, stop and charge.
  4. not enough kick in the battery, jump or push start it. If that doesnt work then do the harder stuff mentioned.
  5. Sounds like stale fuel to me, once that fuel is changed over as GreyBM suggested it may take a bit to get enough through the carbs and into the head. If you need run some jumper leads off your car so you dont trash your battery, short bursts on the starter so you dont burn it out, and carefull not to go to far and flood it as well.. have a go, take a break for a minute, have another go, break.. and so on..
  6. Thanks all. I'll give all the stuff mentioned here a try once I get home.
  7. Correct me if im wrong, but from what ive been told is that you DO NOT start the car EVER. Just hook up your bike and try to start it. The car battery has too much power.
  8. Its going to be clogged idle jets,the fuel evapourates and whats left blocks the jets.The idle jet is the small brass plug thats is just offset from the centre,centre jet is the main jet.Pull the bowl and use a good square edged screwdriver and pull the idle jet and carefull poke the crap out with a fine sowing needle,dont force it,scrapping the interior jet and making the hole bigger will stuff it.Get some Nulon carby cleaner,its a spray can,give it a good spray up the hole,put it back and Bobs your uncle.I am thinking its a twin so 2 to do.Do one at a time ,1 can of spray and a philips and slotted screwdriver is all you need.
  9. yup correct.. dont start the car, just hook up..
  10. I know it sounds REALLY obvious, but did you try giving a bit of throttle while cranking? just a crack. Had same issue on missus' virago.
  11. spot on. this happens to most bikes when left, but VTRs are worse because they don't have a Prime position on the tap.

    Crank it long enough it will get there. A bit of "start you bastard" in an intake boot will make it happen quicker.
  12. yea tried it
  13. Okay this might be a stupid question but just want to make sure. Started trying to get to the carbies on my vtr today and bumped into a problem. One of the instructions for removing the carbies on the workshop manual says "disconnect a throttle cable". However on the bike there are 2 throttle cables connecting to the throttle body. Do I remove both of them?

    Although I didn't have enough time to remove the carbs today.... I did find out the nut holding the fuel petcock to the fuel tank on my vtr was removable by hand...
  14. yes remove both throttle cables.

    Also I have seen minor air leeks into fuel lines being enough to stop a bike.
  15. Problem solved, stale fuel was the problem as many suspected. Although trying to get rid of all the old fuel was a troublesome task because I didn't have containers to fill the 11 or 12L of fuel still inside :-(. Tried putting some fresh fuel into the fuel tube and it started fine again :]. Can finally say bye to slow trains and buses and say hi to free citylink again which I missed a lot. Thank you all of you who inputted, really appreciated it :angel:. O and big thanks to Trevor G for detailed pictures of the fuel line and drain screws for the vtr in a post 2 years ago, that seriously helped a lot.
  16. Funny you mention this. I have previously jump started my car off the bike!!!!

    no harm, no foul.
  17. I think this sounds similar to the problems going on with my ZZR250. I hope my problem is this simple, I am meant to be heading to the track on Monday.
  18. Hi all,

    I seem to have the same problem. I have emptied my tank and put new fuel in it. It didnt crank straight away. I will try again today though. If possible I dont want to be taking the carbies off.

    So after trying to crank again today ill try pouring some fuel down the line?
  19. Bit of a confusing post there. Is it turning over on the starter motor, but not firing, or is the starter motor not turning?

  20. Sorry, the starter motor is going but not firing. My battery ran flat again.

    Ill have to put it back on charge, anything else I could try?