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VTR250 woes (cam chain)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by skorpion, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Story goes like this:

    I own a 2004 Honda VTR250 which just had a major (24,000km) service. Before the service, the bike was running 100%, with no issues.

    After the service, the cam chain was very noisy, rattling away, louder than the engine at up to 60km/h, and the bike was vibrating like mad. I called the mechanic who did the service and he said to ride it out over the weekend due to new oil and see if it fixes itself. He also said if its the same on Monday, book it in and they will have a look.

    This morning I jumped on and it doesn't even kick over. Starter motor tries to start the engine, but no dice. Checked all the usuals and there is plenty of fuel.

    Can anyone help with what is the problem? The service adjusted the valves and synch'd the carbies, would this effect the cam chain?

    At this stage it looks like i'll be trying to get the bike to the mechanic so they can have another look.
  2. Something is not right.. maybe they forgot to do something up or the cam chain tensioner is stuck .what ever it is I would be taking it back first thing Monday morning In fact they should come pick it up ..Dont take any crap either if its there fault they fix for free ..In some cases (not often) a major service can place extra pressure on a worn part and cause it to fail in which case they should only charge you cost for parts and free labour for not picking it up when they serviced it..
  3. Don't quote me, but if I am not mistaken they need to remove camshaft/chain in order to adjust your valve clearances.
    My guess is the chain tensioner may not be applying much tension to the chain due to improper release. Excess play in the chain can cause the chain to skip teeth ... ie valve timimg out .. = won't start/run.
    I'd be calling your mechanic.
  4. VCM that's what I was thinking I cant believe the shop said ride it out ( unless he was thinking it was just a cam chain tensioner not pumped up with oil .) I still think the shop should come pick it up ...
  5. Cheers guys, have no doubt I'll be calling them first thing tomorrow.
  6. DONT try and start it.. it may have jumped a tooth, is so you could be up for a few bucks.. Id be taking it back (on a trailer) and asking the mechanic some basic questions first. "What did you change/remove"? would be my first.
  7. He shouldnt have to pay a cent the shop told him to ride it after he told them about the noise ..All work carried out by a registered work shop has a warranty on parts and labour ..They may try and get out of it or cover it up but they have to fix it ..
    Was it a honda dealer skorp ??
  8. It wasn't a Honda mechanic. Won't say the name of the shop at this stage.
  9. ok at 24000kms the engine is basically still brand new.

    they fcuked something up BIGTIME.

    get them to pick up the bike and fix the fcuking the thing. if they dont want to play read up relevent parts of the Trade practises Act and remind them of their responsibilities.

    to check the valves you do not have to remove anything beyond the rocker covers. it sounds to me like the dropped something down cam chain channel or broke something when they adjusted the valves. somethings floating around in the crank by the sounds of it.

    after this i sugest you find another mechanic too...

    edit: btw checking CCT operation is not on the 24000kms service, there is no reason why they should have removed it. there would be bugger all wear on the cam chain with that mileage anyway.
  10. That's what I was thinking... to remove the cam chain every time you did the valves it'd be screwed.

    Loose valves? Someone drapped a hex key in the barrel? :grin: