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VTR250 without tacho

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bogus69, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. I was looking at 2nd hand VTR250's and found some of them only have a speedo while others have a rev-o-meter :p

    does anyone know what year they started having both? (I assume it's only the newer ones with both)

    as a learner would I really miss have a rev counter?

  2. You won't miss not having one. I have a '99 VTR without one. I think they only started having them 2003+ (as I said, I THINK).
  3. the problem of not having a tach is that you never really know how far you can push your bike (i.e. do you need to shift now or do you have another 4000 revs before the engine really needs to shift).

    As a learner initially you won't miss it. Sometime after you become comfortable you will wish you had one. Then after you become very comfortable you won't need it again (i.e. after you know exactly what the bike should sound / feel like before you change). The problem, of course, is how do you know exactly what it should feel like if you can't determine where that point is initially...

    I think 2003's and later have them...
  4. I have an '01 model and I don't miss the tacho all that much... if at all. You can tell when you need to change gears just by listening to the engine and just the way the bike will feel. Even if you don't know think you know what you should be listening out for... you'll know.
  5. If you really want some sort of indication couldn't you rig some LED shift lights? Or does that need a tacho?

    /me tries to remember how they were hooked up in the Dato.
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  7. wow. that is the smartest thing i'v heard all day! aftermarket shift lights or a led rev counter!!!! never thought of that. that link said something about easy to install.... if you have no tacho wouldn't you need to hook it into the engine somewhere? i'm not the most un-mechanical person out there, but i'm thinking it would still be a task to hook it into the engine somewhere...
  8. Or you could listen to the rev of the engine.....

    You get used to the revs and the feel of the bike so that after a while, you just know when to change gears. Shouldn't be looking at the tacho anyway - you need to look at the road and what's around you!