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VTR250 with 87 000km?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ingypingy, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. Hi all!

    What would you say to a 1999 Honda VTR250 with 87 000km on it (9 months rego)? He wants $3000 for it and doesn't seem willing to budge on that (he bought it for $4000). It's been well maintained (service records for the last 5 years) and feels nice to ride (a friend who's been riding since she was 16 agreed). But ultimately I have very little to compare to, and the kilometres are scaring me off a bit.

    For background: I am female (= short legs) and have been riding for about 2.5 years now on a 1990 Honda CD250U with about 14 000km on it. It's been a good bike but I want some thing that handles highway speeds better, and a friend lowsided on it while I was overseas (but that's another story!). Seems like now as as good a time as any to get something with a little more oomph rather than pour money into an old bike. I don't particularly want anything bigger than a 250.

    The answer I've found on Google seems to be "it depends" (some saying they had 400 000km on their Goldwing, some saying they would consider a bike trashed at 15 000km!), so thought I'd ask with some specifics!

    Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. Personally I would not go near it with a barge pole for that price - I'm not sure you will find that much difference between 250s either; both in the power or weight of the bike.
  3. Google is right, without knowing the history of the bike you will never know, but as you said, its been serviced the last 5 years so it should be ok, take it to a mechanic and get him to do an inspection on it, check for compression, fouled plugs and so on
  4. Regardless of condition, it's a bit pricey for the amount of KMs.
  5. It could be fine, and ready for many more, but I doubt it. 250's especially tend to get run a lot harder so internal components don't last as long. If its been maintained well (unlikely as its almost always a first bike) and not run too hard cold etc it should be ok, I would still -

    tell him hes dreaming


    edit- Its a great bike however, have a look around, there will be many many more for sale at reasonable prices with far less K's. You could pick up near new example for a grand and a bit more if you hunt hard enough.
  6. Wow, you guys are speedy on the replies!

    Dumb question, but what exactly would be likely to go wrong with high ks?

    What I don't get is why he bought a bike with (then) 84000km for $4000 - seems a bit bizarre to me!

    There was a world of difference, actually... I'm usually in 3rd or even 4th gear on quiet streets on the CD, and it feels like it'll vibrate itself to pieces above 90km/h. By comparison I hardly needed to be out of 2nd on the VTR, and supposedly it has a top speed of about 160km/h. I was born without the speed gene, so more than sufficient for me!
  7. Also, what would you consider the upper limit on kms for a vtr?
  8. Is your heart set on a VTR?

    I bought a ZZR250 for $700 more, with 80,000 less K's on it and it's newer... Theyre small bikes too, and have power when you want it... Well, enough for me.

    Just seems perhaps it has some sentimental value to it...
  9. If you want that extra excitement in the 250 class without massive top speeds the VTR is the one to go, its got cheeky handfuls of torque that make it an absolute hoot to ride, while still being very mild mannered and forgiving.

    Even if you don't particularly wan't anything bigger then a 250, the cb400 is a very competent bike and quite small too. (better everything then the vtr but more pricey)
  10. The VTR250 runs out of gears (redline in top gear) at about 150kph, and runs out of power around 145-150kph depending on wind conditions, your size, clothing bagginess, etc.

    VTR250s tend to have a good amount of pep around town and on expressways. The effects of aerodynamic drag really start to take their toll around 120kph, though, which can make overtaking decisively at freeway speeds a challenge; 32-34hp can only do so much against wind resistance. :) That's a limitation the ZZR250/GT250R/Ninja250/etc will also share, of course.
  11. Not totally set on a VTR, but something like it... I want something naked. I have tried a (terrible) GPX250. Not sure if I'm judging all other ninjas unfairly based on that one...

    I had looked at the cb400 for a while and I like them a lot! But like you say, little pricier... (damn you, student budget!). I have around $3000 to play with, could push it a bit if it was an awesome bike...
  12. vtr's go forever a mate from sydney had one that had 250,000 kms on it before it needed any serious work on the engine, then unfortunately it got backed over by a 4wd and it was written off.
    $9000 is too much to ask for this model with those kms and its vintage.
  13. In that case, get yourself a VTR for the full $3500. You'll pick up a newer model with much less KMs.

    I commute on mine everyday and it is just awesome.
  14. To the OP,

    If you're in Sydney consider checking this one out (for the record I've got no relationship with the vendor):


    I had a look and would have bought it on the spot but seller wanted to complete the auction which is fair enough. In the mean time found something else shinier.

    Less than half the kays and price of what you're looking at.

    Seemed ok to me but I'm not a mechanic, so I can't really say if there's anything mechanically wrong. The body isn't the best, it's been dropped and there's superficial scarring on the right side, but protected somewhat by Oggy Knobs. Anything that needed replacing looks like it's been replaced like indicators, right peg and break lever. The staintune pipe is quite scratched. There is also some superficial damage to the paintwork.

    It's all pretty well described in his post. Seemed like a genuine guy who just needed his garage space back.

    It's currently running at $1,500 with a day to go, I wouldn't expect it to go above two but hey it's ebay so who knows...
  15. Waaay too much money. I know people will bag it cos its a hyo, but I just sold my 2010 gt250 with 10000 ks for 3600. So 3000 for a 80000 kms '99 vtr seems a bit on the high side
  16. I got my 2000 model with an indeterminate number of KMs on it (someone replaced the cluster), but it seemed to be in good order, and aside from a few unfortunate accidents i've kept it maintained. I wouldn't know what kind of upper limit they have for mileage, but just think, there are plenty of spadas running about still, and they're all at least 20 years old now.
  17. Too many K's
    Asking WAAaaaay too much for a VTR of that age with that amount of numbers on the Odometer.