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VTR250 vs Spada250 ???

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by grug, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. I'm looking at getting a naked sports bike, probably Honda coz they're cool. What makes the VTR better than the Spada? I can pick up a Spada for under 4k. Why should I pay an extra 2k for a VTR (except the cooler appearance) :?:


  2. May I start by saying "EXCELLENT CHOICE OF MOTORCYCLE". :D Both the Spada and VTR250 are awesome little rockets. Why, cause they are basically the same. Honda stopped making the Spada for a bit but then brought it back with the ultra cool VTR badging. The age of the bikes is the reason for the price difference. Either will keep you happy. It just depends on what you want in looks and what you want to spend. Just remember you'll always need plenty of dollars for good gear if you don't already have some.

    We have owners of both examples here so I am sure you will hear from them soon. Splash????? Knightrider????


    P.s. Good luck with your shopping 8)
  3. If the VTR is a beer, the Spada is a light beer.
  4. i think they are fairly different. i mean they both have a vtwin 250, but they've got very different frames and even the motors arent that close. performance wise, i reckon there would be bugger all difference, but i think the handling would have a bit of a difference. i'm pretty sure the spada is a bit shorter and its definately a bit thinner, more suited to little riders.

    dont rule out the inline 4s tho, they wont find a performance wall at 140 and they will get there faster. if you're set on a honda and have a few bucks, try a hornet on for size. if you can handle a suzuki, then i still reckon the bandit is the best bang for buck in the naked 250 range :D
  5. So if a bike is 2004 complianced, what exactly does that mean? How do you know the year it was originally produced?
  6. The Spada was only made for 1 year (1989) because the Castec frame was too expensive (put it slightly out of the regular 250 price range). The VTR250 is basically the continuation of the Spada line with a tube steel frame.

    Apart from that the Spada has almost complete engine commonality with the VTR250 (just slightly detuned :evil: easily fixed :D )

    Both the Spada (designated VT250L) and the VTR250 are excellent bikes. The price difference typically reflects the age. Regardless of what the compliance date is on a Spada - it was made 15 years ago. Have any Spada checked thoroughly before buying (I know you should have any bike checked thoroughly but more so here). VTR250's are obviously younger.

    I am very happy with my Spada

    :D :D :D
  7. GO THE VTR250!!!!!

    I think you now know my opinion!

    The Spada is lower and therefore better for the shorties, but even saying that, the VTR250 is good for those with little legs.

    As for being a V twin - OMG! Need I say more.......? (yes, i'm a girl)

    When I first compared the VTR250 to the Spada, I felt like i was sitting up on the VTR and laying back on the Spada. It all depends on your riding style. Be sure to do your own comparison and work out what's good for you.

    GO THE VTR250!!!!!

  8. It's like comparing Grolsch to VB! :p
  9. I can't believe Passion Pop didn't come into that equation. Don't thank me for your recent addiction Robyn, it was actually Vic that got me onto it in the 1st place :wink: :p
  10. As a very biased one-time Spada owner, I'd recommend the Spada!!

    It is a very reliable bike, easy to maintain and you'll have no problems selling it when ready to upgrade.

    Financially, you'll save a few $ as well!

    Good luck and let us know what you decide to do :)
  11. And I am how much shorter than you? :?

  12. I can hear a squeaky voice? Not sure where it's coming from, can't see anyone. Oh, there you are, down there - sorry, couldn't see you and thought I was hearing voices in my head...... :p

    Go the VTR250!!!
  13. Oh don't do that to me!

    I nearly got busted cracking up in front of the computer when I am meant to typing reports

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. One for the SPADA, great bike, you will be totally happy with it and save $ to put to a bigger bike later.
  15. Haven't had any experience with the spada but had a VTR for 12 months.

    I found it to be a great bike, it went from Ferntree Gully to the Airport five days a week, got flogged on the weekends and never skipped a beat.

    Plus it sounded horn with the staintune on it.

    I'm a big fat bastard and found it reasonably comfortable for my daily commute, the wife is 5 foot nothing and used to ride it around quite happily, although she could only get tippy toes on the ground at a standstill.

    Did I mention it sounded good with the staintune on it?
  16. You guys have been more than helpful! It's good to hear you enjoy your Spada, Stuart Little (Splash), and I think maybe you enjoy your VTR250 a little too much Knightrider. I guess i'll just go test riding and choose from there. Luckily, money is no option for me as I am a multi-millionaire (not).
  17. Spada is more powerful, and the clipons give it a raceier crouch. I'd strip everything off the frame and get it powdercoated black :D .

    The VTR is a great bike as well. My brother has one with a madaz pipe on it, ande it sounds unbelievable. Chek a set of flat bars on it and they're great.

  18. Hey, stop using my name in vain. Oh, and go buy a VTR. Bugger the beer references, stuff the talk of frames and power comparisons, and lets not get into prices and seat height! The VTR is superior for one thing that outshadows all other things. It's a VTR. Not a Spada or anyting else but a VTR. That name alone causes gasps from onlookers, admiration from other bikers, and the tools to ride into history!!!! It shares the name with the great FIRESTORM and that my friend should be enough for you, the world, and all of MANKIND :D :D 8)


  19. Can you guess what bike he rides??????

    The VTR250 grows up to become the FIRESTORM. The chicks love it cos it's so sexy and yeah, when they lean just a little to the left they get some benefit from it! :wink:

  20. Well what can i say. One more happy customer of the Firestorm service. Open 24/7 and happy to accomidate most requests...

    Buy a VTR, be a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 8)