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VTR250 vs Hornet

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Juzzy, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. Hi guys & gals

    Haven't been on for a while. The woman said I couldn't have a bike till we bought the house. Mission accomplished. Now for this important stuff! I am sure from all the good reviews that I want a honda. I am not a small fella so the CBR's are out of the question. I love the Hornets, and don't mind the VTR250. Also like the V25C cruiser, cause of my size. What can you guys tell me about these bikes, good and bad. Any info that will help me make a good decision would be greatly appreciated. Will spend up to $6-$6,500 without gear. Have had my liscence for 18 months so can buy something bigger legally, but want to do my time on a 250 first. Any other recommendations for a first bike, including larger than 250's to suit a 6ft, 90kg guy would also be appreciated.
    Its great to be back


  2. since you're off restrictions why not consider the learner legal bikes NSW allows, bigger engine capacity, but not too much grunt (otherwise they wouldn't be L legal) and the frame size would probably suit your size alot better.
  3. I'd say go the Hornet.....it's definitely bigger size-wise than VTR...

    I don't know about you guys, I thought I noticed some bikes are shorter in length (from front to back wheels)....and don't pick the short bikes if you are tall and bulky.....I haven't actually measured them...but I think the long bikes are suzuki SV650 and gsxxxxr....can't think of anything else....others are normal....not mentioning what I think are short.
  4. hornets are great. more upright handlebars that a cbrrrrrrr but the same engine. very cool little bike. its based oon a fireblade 600ccc frame so it is a little more sizable. im just under 185 cm and i find it quite easy to ride. one tip though, when you buy it MAKe sure you get it inspected.
    mine was a little run down when i bought it but i got the right price and had to do a little maintenance myself, which is probably the reason why its sitting at the mechanics now.......... :oops:


    dont beleive the crap abut parts being hard to source for the hornet they are readilly availble (eg: the engine is the same as a cbrrrrr)
    pm me if you want any more details.
    byt he way the vtr will have a lot less top end power which is not good if you ride on the highway.
    i can sit on 120cliks and still have another 40clicks with a twist of the wrist
  5. :roll: why a honda? it will take you 3 hours to catch up to everyone else :p

    what about a suzuki bandit, more suited to a bigger rider.
  6. I looked at both bikes too...and settled on a Hornet.

    I'm just over 6 foot and found most others to be a bit of a squeeze...I had a sit on the Hornet 600 and it just felt...right, so I tracked down all the info on the 250 I could then went and had a look at some...i managed to buy mine via private sale and am very happy with it...looks tough, is pretty comfortable, handles great(within my limited riding skills...hmmm), and as it's a CBR-RR motor can keep up with most other 2 fiddys.

    I know a guy who is selling his at the moment as he's off restrictions and going for a TLR...it's a blue one with a small bikini fairing and is spotless...in Melb too...if you want his number shoot me a pm.

    Happy hunting!
  7. typical Kwaka rider talk...Them"s fighting words... :p
  8. typical honda rider, mess with one of them and your messing with them all... :roll: :p
    at least i didn't recommend a kwaka :LOL:
    they don't make any good bikes for tall riders
  9. Is is true they are a lot harder to ride than the VTR - have to keep the revs up??
  10. Hey roughcactus,

    what sort of $$ and k's are we talking about on your mates hornet. I cant shoot you a pm for about another 2 posts
  11. Juzzy,

    Not really a mate as such just a guy I have done a few rides with..so not sure on K's or $$$, but the bike Is VERY clean...don't quote me but I think it was approx 30,000k's and he wanted around $6000 but as I said best you call him and check it out...or if you are in the eastern suburbs you are more than welcome to come and look at mine to get a feel for them so to speak...

    As for hard to ride...no mate not at all...you just need to keep the revs up a bit...as they are in inline 4 they don't have the torque of the VTR's V-twin but they have a much better top end...it's horses for courses really..check out both and see what you think...if you havn't ridden before they both feel fcuking fast coming from a car driving background...at least until you go on a netrider ride and get whipped on the straights by the guys on bigger bikes

  12. If I were you, I'd save the money and do one of a few things:
    - buy a very cheap 250 (or smaller) bike purely to learn on and then upgrade
    - bribe a friend to learn on their 250
    - buy a 600 now, take it to a carpark and practice heaps
    until you are confident to control it safely on the road.

    you're a big guy, you could handle the weight of a 600 and it would push you around better. for 6 grand, you can get a nice 600 (or a nice 900 for that matter)
  13. mate, FORGET about brands, find the BIKE thats right for you, not the brand. if you get all brand loyal, you might miss a ripper of a bike.

    in your position, i'd DEFIANTELY buy something bigger than a 250. 250s serve their purpose, but they can be a pain at cruising speeds and the fun factor runs out much faster. all this is only magnified with a bigger rider too.

    you obviously like them naked so i'd be looking at something like a;
    400 4 cyl (XJR / Bandit) great little screamers, handle like 250s but have a bit more punch and better brakes. revvy bikes, but they're a blast to ride.
    500 twin (GS / ER ) basic commuters, nothing really exciting, but a bit bigger and definately better suited to larger rider. easygoing and very learner friendly apparently.
    600/650 Vtwin (SV / Comet / Monster) just another option, dont know much about the Vtwins except their specs, not very revvy and powerful, but heavy on the torque. most ppls that like the Vs swear by them.

    i obviously havn't named all of the options there, but that gives you a fair starting point. most of these would be within your price range, i've even seen the dukes as low as $5k. STRONGLY recommend you go for one of these, they're not that much harder to ride (if at all) and will keep you happy for years rather than months i'd guess :wink:
  14. hornet, hornet :)
  15. The figures speak for themselves, 6ft/90kg....forget 250s.
    Since you have the option, go for a 500-650 to suit your frame-size, make riding more comfortable/ less tiring and all up, more enjoyable.
    A *slow* 650 single like a 650GS Beemer/ F650/ Aprilia Pegaso/ MZ Scorpion or Baghira/ SuzieGS500/KwakaER500/ Honda Dominator/ Hyosung 650 or such would be far more suitable....saves $$ along the way as well.
    The Hyosung 650 Comet/ Ducati 620 Monster are available in LAM form with restrictor-kits....which are removable lateron.
  16. Same problem

    Hi Guys,

    I'm also trying to decide which one to go for:

    I only want to spend around 5-6k and I'm looking at the Hornet 250 or a VTR 250. I'm a 5'8 rider, weighing around 75kg's and am pretty new to riding on the road.

    Any more hot tips?

    What about grey import hornets (circa 96-2000) - shoudl I avoid them?

  17. Re: Same problem

    is there a reason why your only looking at the hondas?

    IMO the little twins are a bit boring, not a huge amount of grunt down low and nothing up top, the little 4s are buckets more fun IMO (yeah, thats right funky, in my OPINION :wink: ).

    have a squiz at the bandit, balius and zeal aswell. all similar to the hornet and were also made a little earlier so you can pick them up cheaper. just stay away from the REAL early bandits (pre 95) cos they've got nothing on the newer model and they seem to somehow go for similar prices :?

    but yeah, main thing is dont get tunnel vision, have a look around and at least sit on (if not ride) a few different bikes before making a decision....
  18. I'd also go for the Hornet, but my opinion may be biased......!
    The 250's are a little pocket rocket!
    I had a VTR250 and it was quite boring after a few months.
    My 2 cents worth..... :wink:
  19. Ive just been through the process of purchasing my first bike.. I am the same height and weight.

    When I started looking my main concern was to get a 250 which wasnt going to break the bank and have reasonable performance. I couldnt justify paying for a Honda I felt I could put the extra grand to better use on Gear and advance riding lessons down the track.

    I nearly went with a Zeal but the rear suspension is really soft. Balius are nice bikes but I read many horror stories about rusting. I ended up getting a Bandit (gen. import).. Nice to ride with enough power to overtake. I paid $4500 and its in A1 condition (2000 model). GPX250 high on the list as well but I am a big naked bike fan so Bandit got the nod.

  20. Thanks guys.

    Yeah I'm not in love with either of the bikes, these are just what friends have suggested to me. I want an upright riding position, and naked bike for the insurance savings.

    I'll read up on the others you've mentioned too..

    Ok - reading done: I want a hornet 250, I love the look!

    Any specific years to watch out for?