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VTR250 vs GPX250R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ricomac, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. Hi there

    I have posted a bit about getting bikes and am down to the final 2.

    I think I am going to buy new as I think I could be a while on a 250 (My skills are great to be honest). Like the VTR but the 2k extra over the GPX seems a lot. Anyone know if its worth the extra cash? Mind you at the moment the new VTR comes with a free riding jacket which is nice.

    What would you guys get? Or what would you advise?

    As usual, thanks for any input.....
  2. Dude, if you're thinkin gof the VTR, have you considered the Honda VT250 "Spada"??

    It was the precursor to the VTR and is a brilliant little bike. Same motor, better frame, and you can pick one up that has just been imported from Japan for just under $4k.

    Check out www.caringbahmotorcycles.com.au , they've usually got a few lying around.[/url]
  3. I'd get a Spada for the same price of the GPX. Or if I had to choose between the VTR and GPX I might sway to the GPX. Just for monetry reasons.
  4. Yes but it's still a 15 year old bike. Really down to whether you want a naked bike or full-faired, both have been around for a while so no inherrent problems and probably not really any difference in performance.
  5. I prefer the VTR but the GPX is cheaper and the seat height of 745 is good for me as I am only 5'4. Not really bother about fairing either way to be honest.
  6. If you're buying new you might want to try getting insurance quotes on both bikes just to see if there's any significant difference.
  7. seriously, dont buy new. it REALLY is a waste of money, regardless of how long you inted to keep the bike. i can understand it if you are after then latest sportsbike, because they change every year. but the GPX hasn't changed in over 15 years!

    this isn't to say that they're bad bikes, just that you will be paying a premium for a compliance plate and absolutely NO newer technology :?

    if that suits you, then thats fine, but i cant see why you would fork out $5500 for a GPX when you can have EXACTLY the same bike with a few kays on it for $2500.

    and confidence will grow, dont worry about that. you'll be itching to get off the 250 in 6 months, let alone 15 :wink:
  8. Ricomac , i can see your 30 so you should know how to haggle.
    I brought new and got $450 ish of my gear jacket, boots ect ect.
    So you will get a jacket for any new bike free.
    And i got a ventura rack with the big bag thrown in ,also tank protector and the bike droped of to my house with this all fitted , thats all up $900 saving.
    Once you have come close to the end deal ,get them to throw stuff in on the deal if not ventura rack ,try for anything.
    First service{maybe to expencive but try ,i couldn't get it thrown in}
    Go for cheaper stuff if there playing hard ball like things ,you will need latter like.
    Tyre repair
    chain spray
    Bike cleaner
    Rain suit

    All this stuffs cheap for then to throw in,but adds up if out of your pocket.
    I went to a bike shop i didn't want to buy a bike from and to freshen up my haggeling skills ,before i went and got mine from the shop i wanted to buy from.
    Have you looked at the suzuki GS500 ,$8500 rideaway ,im really happy with mine and might make you happyer for longer then a 250.
    Good luck with it.
  9. ohhhh, NSW!!!

    forget about the 250 stage :LOL: there are better, safer, easier to ride bikes out there. and if you're deadset keen on getting a bike new, then a larger bike would definately be the go.

    like sleddong there, have a squiz at the GS500. at least you wont be left hanging for the restrictions to be up that way.
  10. Is the new Kawaka ER-6 LAMS approved? If it is and you're keen on buying new then it might be a goer...
  11. I can haggle pretty well but thanks for the examples. Wouldnt have thought about some of those things.

    Havnt thought about the GS500 at all but will take a look.

    I guess I am a bit worried about buying second hand. Dont really want any trouble. My flatmate has offered me his Suzuki Intruder 250 for a really low price which I thought about learning on. but I dont really like the idea of a cruiser.
  12. Because I have been 1 year on a scooter, in nsw I can buy anything now. I can go out and get a VTR firestorm if I want. Its just I dont know how to ride a bike yet. Well, I can around a car park.
  13. Or wait till the ER-6 hits the dealers and they start clearing out their stocks of ER5s cheap.
  14. Is the ER6 good for a total beginner? Anyone know what the "n"is for in the ER6n. How much are they? No price on the website.
  15. "n" for naked??

    I think they'll be around $10k/11k
  16. well that opens the doors a bit then! :LOL:

    i would forget the 250 stage, or if you're really bad on a bike, get an old cheap 250 that you wont be afraid to thrash a little. ride it around for a few months and get the feel for riding while thinking about what you REALLY want from a bike, then sell it for what you bought it for and move on to the real bike :D

    but something like a 400/4 or a 500/2 would be just as easy to ride as a 250 but hold interest for longer, be better value, and be safer with better brakes/suspension and a throttle that actually does something :LOL:

    and buying second hand really isn't that scary. a little more stuffing around in looking i guess, but if you get someone to check the potential buy out before you fork anything over, you're normally pretty safe. things can go wrong, but normally it only does to those that rush into things too much. take your time, look around, get someone to inspect your find, and you should be safe as houses :)

    up to you what you do in the end, but i really think you need to be a little less worried about things there :wink:
  17. thanks pete.....yes that makes sense!!
  18. Coconuts

    this is a bit embarassing, but what is a 400/4 and a 500/2. Like examples of bikes that are "that".

  19. Comparing the VTR and GPX I would probably go the GPX as it is a nice simple bike and Kwaka parts tend to be cheaper than Honda. Take money out of the equasion and I would go the Honda. I am a big bloke and would look to something a little bigger than a 250 so I could keep it longer.
  20. He will be talking about cylinders....

    a 400/4 is 400cc with 4 cylinders...

    more cylinders generally means faster.... less cylinders generally means more torque...

    for example a firestorm is a 1000/2 and an R1 is a 1000/4