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VTR250 vs 250 Hornet

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Sith Lord, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone. New to netrider. New to Motorcycling. Just bought all my riding gear and got my "L's". Now looking at buying first bike.

    I really like the look of both the VTR and Hornet. Have heard nothing but good reports about the VTR, so that is probably my first choice. I also really like the Hornet. Big Tyre, Big Pipe. Concerns I have would be for the 4 cylinder engine - higher revving???? and that it is a Jap Import. Would servicing and repairs be more expensive/harder to find.

    Any tips or recommendations would be great.

  2. Yep, the big tyre being one example. Although a lot of parts would be shared with other models that were sold here like the 600 Hornet and CBR250. And yes it does rev higher, but then it also has smaller pistons and is more balanced so the only difference you're likely to notice in engine servicing will probably just be more frequent sparkplug changes. The Hornet may cost more simply due to the fact they're generally a lot older - but you do get better performance. But as with any grey import there can often be problems with insurance and finding someone willing to work on it.
  3. Cant really comment on the VTR, except I've never heard anyone 'bad-mouth' them. They seem an excellent choice for a first bike.
    The Hornet however ..owned mine a few mths now.. 3000km later .. we are inseperable :p
    A Pleasure to ride, comfy, heaps of grunt ( for a 250 that is ), economical, reliable, sexy .. ohh that rear wheel looks so HOT.
    As for maintenance, never had trouble finding parts, easy to work on etc..

    I highly recommend the hornet !!!!
  4. Thanks for those comments. My next problem will be finding a used VTR or Hornet in Canberra. I've even thought of ringing Sumoto in Melb and just getting them to ship me a Hornet. Any feedback about Sumoto and their bikes?
  5. click "search" and see what you find. then run away. :LOL:

    I can't say much on the Hornet, except that I think I remember someone saying it shared the same frame as the Hornet 600(?). The VTR's a fantastic bike to learn on. Servicing costs are cheap as. Plus IMHO it looks better too :p
  6. Thanks. Looks like a lot of newbies ask the "Sumoto" question, get told to "search and run away". You've made me think twice now. Thanks. Maybe there should be a Sumoto Warning Page on it's own at the top of the forum topics.
  7. :nail:

    "Launched in Japan in 1996 the 250 Hornet was the 'original' Hornet.
    It uses the same frame, swingarm, tank, and wheels from the Fireblade as the 600.
    Aggressive body styling, high level exhaust and of course, that fat 180 back tyre taken straight from the 1992 to 1999 CBR900RR Fireblade, all add up to a tasty machine."
    ( quoted from http://www.hondahornet.co.uk/250spec.html
  8. I haven't been riding bikes my whole life and and they aren't my primary hobby or interest.

    I'm still on my P's and have been riding a 96' Hornet for 12 months or so. I'm 6'5" and weigh 60kg's. I wish the handle bars were a bit higher so I don't have a slight hunch to my back but that's about my only complaint.

    I've had to replace the throttle cable which I ordered from some dude in the UK but my local bike store were happy to work on it.

    I think it's a fun bike for a learner and I agree with the sexy rear tyre, it also looks bigger than a 250.
    I never really get it above 60km/hr due to it's primary function being inner city commuting. I take it up the coast every couple of weeks and you really feel the wind once you get it over 95-100k's.

    The revs need to be really high before you feel any power. It's still more than enough to sneak around inner city traffic and get away at the lights.
  9. Either or, they're both pretty sweet bikes.

    I'd go the vtr, but I'm a vtwin fan.
  10. VTR mate, it's a ripper.

    IMHO people worry too much about parts for imports these days. With the advent of the net, countless internet forums with people across the world It's a lot easier to run one of these then it ever has been.

    Check out Slacks Creek Motorcycle Imports if you really want one. I've heard nothing but great things about these guys.
  11. buy the Hornet.

    it will make you more attractive to women.
  12. I'm biased too, but I suggest that you look on bikesales and bikepoint, there are always a few good 250 Hornets for sale. If you spot one you like, I'm sure within reason a local Netrider could check it out for you.

    I bought my 600 Hornet early 3 years ago with 54,900 kms on it, and apart from plugs, chain/sprockets and tyres, it's cost me nothing to run, and now has 109,000 kms on it!!!

    {actually, I think there's one for sale right here on Netrider at the moment: THERE IS, https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=33310 and he only wants $2,000!!!}
  13. Dunno if it's really helped me, then again mine is only a 250 :oops:

    Perhaps 'size' DOES matter :?
  14. Mine's a 600, but then again, I'm not exactly looking to attract the ladeez.... :LOL:.
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  16. You're right on that one, but I was SURE there was a 250 Hornet for sale somewhere here, maybe im.on.it's???
  17. Yeah ... it was im.on.it's ... but the "For Sale" thread for the bike is missing (removed??). im.on.it has also advertised it on the Trading Post:


    Good luck with your first bike purchase!


  18. I switched to a 250 hornet a few months back after binning my zzr. I feel like such a hoon on the little devil, the power & handling are awesome. Never ridden a VTR but certainly don't write off the hornet for it's age, it's a ripper. (lurve the fat rubber on the back too) :grin:

  19. ive youve got the money and its a toy, i'd go the hornet. if you want a no bollocks bike that will easily keep up with the hornet in the twisties anyway, and cost a shit load less to keep on the road, buy the VTR
  20. Decisions, Decisions..... Still trying to sell the Commodore so I know how much money I've got to play with. In the meantime, just been going out to local dealers test riding the VTR, Kwakas and Hyosungs. I don't need to attract the ladies, current Mrs might get upset but that tyre and pipe on the Hornet certainly attract me. If I go the VTR might have to miss out on the tyre, but first mod will be a big pipe!