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VTR250 valve lash

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kamil, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. Hiya all,

    I'm ready to give my VTR250 a major service and I'd like to check the valve lash. Anybody know the figures? I've been trying to find a service manual on the net and at the honda dealers but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Do you mean the valve clearance? I couldn't find it in my manual so maybe try giving the local Honda dealer a call.
  3. Forget about the manual. I looked everywhere for a service manual. They are not available commercially anywhere. Honda just won't release them. There may be a bootleg, scanned copy of a dealer's workshop manual floating around out there in cyberspace but be buggered if I could find it.

    A Honda dealer workshop will have the manual so should be able to look it up. Unless of course you are doing the service yourself - which I'm sure is the whole point of not releasing the manual!
  4. If you plan to do the valve clearance yourself....you would need a cam shaft lifter. I don't think you could just get this tool anywhere. Only qualified motorcycle mechanics would have this tool. Besides this is a complicated adjustment. Better have it done with your trusted mechanic. Got a quote of $200 plus parts from Honda of doing Valve clearance & Carburetor Synchronization for a Honda VT250 Spada. Might be same price range for VTR250, they have symilar 90deg V Twin Engine.
  5. Not sure what year your VTR250 is but there are manuals available out there on the net ...

    Here's one I found ..


    Depends on how much ya wanna pay I guess .. but they are out there ..

    HTH ..
  6. that's for the older style VTR though - are the newer models exactly the same?
  7. Hmm, I'm almost certain you purchase them from Honda???

    Actually the last message in this thread seems to suggest someone has done just that...
  8. Hi all, I've been reading these forums for a long time but this is my first post. Regarding these valve clearence checks etc etc. Do you really need to check it so often? My dad is a mechanic (car) and says its all talk. I mean look at the VTR's leading cyclinder...do you really expect them (the mechanics) to remove all that stuff to check?
  9. ah well mate if you dont want to get it checked, dont get it checked. mine is booked in for tomorrow to get done, got quoted 400 bucks. talked to the guy at the shop, they allocate 3 hours labour to the job, i rekon of you knew what you were doing you pull the heads out in under half and hour. but bikes and cars are completly different mechanically, well im comparing my push rod V6 buick in my holden to the vtr, the compression ratios and rev ranges are completly different just for starters. take example of this, i replace my sparks in the car every 20k km, i know guys who replace their spark plugs on their bikes every three thousand. bike engines are under alot more stress, hence why typically their mechaincal life is shorter
  10. Yup had a look at that already and its great! Even if i was going to to do the service i'd be doing it myself anyway, got tools and all.

    Its more of whether to do it or not as nothing is wrong and I don't want to open up the head too often. i.e. bad seal, striping threads etc etc
  11. sorry, thought the page wasnt uploading
  12. and again. how do you delete a post?
  13. this is really annoying...
  14. i really hate my computer... well it is a mac
  15. na 400 was for the full service, oil and filter, coolant changes. mixtures, lubing all the joints. im getting the head bearings done aswell. ive got the manual (thanks jbot, im pretty sure you uploaded it on that games server, its been a lifesaver) and normally ill do stuff myself, but i dont have all the tools to do a major service and i dont have a garage plus im working 60 hours a week at the moment, plus uni.
    last week i did the oil&filter, air filter, spark plugs, chain and sprockets pads front and rear and re alligned the triple clamps after a spill. afterwards i was getting major drivetrain noise, brake drag, a droning noise at criusing in 4th and 5th gear. i took it apart three times to try and get it right, i minimised the brake drag, and drive train noise but its still not running perfect, so i figured might as well just send it in and get it all fixed in one hit.
    mini monster if youve got the tools and time go for it. if you follow the manual carefully you cant go wrong, plus youll know what to do and itll take you a quarter of the time when you next do it.
    jbot just out of curiosity, what extra tools do you need to pull the heads apart? there's a whole page of special tools in the manual. or are there ways of improvising?
  16. Not just similar - same. Honda has produced this engine since at least 1983 (in the VT250F) before it was used in the Spada (1989) and subsequently the VTR250.
  17. To do the valve clearances you only need to take the rocker/cam covers off, but don't need to actually take the head off. Thus threads/seals not too big a deal, not a lot of tension on them anyway.

    Once you've got the covers off (remove tank and waggle radiator outta the way) follow manual as to position of cams (15 BTDC or something) then you just have to use your finger (special tool #0857) to take up the insy slack in the camshaft bearing (lift upward) then use feeler gauge to measure clearance. I think there is a special tool for adjustment, but it's just a locknut and screw set up so normal tools will do it.

    Working and uni dude? Me too, leaves me pretty exhausted. So I took this semester off :cool:
  18. Not quite the same, VTR makes about 4 hp less, but lasts longer. But the differences must be pretty small in the scheme of things. Mebbe diff cams or jetting?
  19. hey idontlikemonkeys, how many km has your bike done and what uni you go to? If my bike was having all those problems i prob take it to the shops too...mine's only done 19000km.