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VTR250 valve cover removal

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by VforV-twin, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,

    Anyone out there with a VTR250 that can give me a bit of help?

    Removing the front valve cover seems easy after the radiator is unbolted and shifted to the side... but the rear has a valve (thermostat?) and hoses running over the top of it.

    The workshop manual says you only need to remove the valve cover breather tube and that's it!?? This doesnt make sense as there is a lot of crap on top of the cover.

    Hopefully some1 has done this job before and can steer me in the right direction??

  2. Can't help but also interested in any replies.

  3. VTR 250 workshop manual says if you want to check valve clearance of rear engine, you need to remove engine from the frame. thats my memory.
  4. hmmm, I was only quoted 1 hour labour to do the valve clearances on mine by a Honda dealer. Maybe it was to be one of those SURPRISE it's 3 times what we first quoted you jobs, that or the engine is really easy to detach from the frame.
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  6. Mine is coming up for its 25,000 km service and needs this done, changes a $300 service into a $600 service :(
    Considering giving it a go myself, so will watch this thread and hopefully learn a few things.
  7. Oil, Oil Filter, Plugs, Air Filter are all quite easy to do, the valve clearances however (at least according to the manual) require some special tools.
  8. I didn't need any special tools. You also don't need to remove the engine from the frame. I can't remember how I did it on my bike for the rear ones, I was well supervised. I will find out from my 'supervisor' and post back later. :)
  9. I think the special tools can sometimes be improvised... sometimes not. That's great to have someone who knows what they're doing to supervise, look forward to hearing about it.
  10. Yea there wasn't anything remotely close to needing a special tool though we have a garage full of all sorts of tools as my fiance used to be a mechanic, maybe most people don't have this.

    I checked out my bike and I didn't have to do anything special to get to the rear valves. It was quite awkward position though, and would have been easier with engine out of the frame but that was not worth doing just for a valve adjustment! My thermostat is at the front though, unlike the OP's bike so maybe that's why it was easy for me, though my service manual also recommends removing the engine and I wasn't even close to needing to do that.

    Could you post a pic OP of what it looks like?
  11. Hi,

    FYI. For a 99 VTR-250 , a recent valve check/adjustment plus carby check/adjustment at a local repairer (60 Degrees, Melb) was $220.

    Workshop manual (and the manual linked above by Bumblebeeman..., thanks for the link) says a "camshaft lifter" is needed to do the valve adjustment.

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    OP posted back in 2013, the user manual for the later models doesn;t mention anything needing to be removed other than the tank to get to the valve cover.

    A cam lifter was mentioned in the manual for the later VTR250s that I posted (http://www.timdoyle.net.au/pdfs/VTR250_Workshop_Manual.pdf) and a special wrench (which looks like a standard ring spanner). When I've adjusted tappets/valves on OHC car engines they've never required a cam lifter so I'm confident it wont be required.

    Also the link that bumblebeeman posted is for the earlier VTR250 Interceptor (88-90) and whilst I believe the motor is similar, the rest is different from the Aus delivered MC33 model.
  13. Im gonna check valve clearance following Saturday. lets see whats gonna happen.;-)
  14. Update : I checked valve clearance yesterday and good news that you dont need to remove engine from the frame to do it.
  15. Did you need any special tools? Workshop manual says a "camshaft lifter" is required.
  16. Is it just me or is getting the tank back on with all the hoses intact an absolute biatch?..... Gotta do the valves soon and am put off by how much fcuking round the tank took.... Maybe I did it wrong... I disconnected the hoses at the Petcock and couldn't get my hand in there to reconnect them... And if I pulled the hoses up to make space it pulled the cam cover breather off.
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    nope. not really needed. no idea why it is required. camshaft itself sits in the place by cylinder head and its holder by bolts. I tried to lift camshaft without remove the holder but no movement and no affect on checking and adjusting valve clearance.
  18. Thats what I exactly thought before. but now I got used to do it, narrow space between tank and frame does not annoy me. still my hand gets some scratches though....:'(