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VTR250 v Hornet 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by zacery182, Sep 11, 2014.

  1. hey guys yet again another newbie post...

    Have been looking around for a replacment for my ttr250 traily which I use to get around on, my r-date still has 6 months to go so im pretty limited, also limited by cash (don't wanna spend more than around 3.5k), but just really want a road bike to get used to the difference before I join the big boys. Plus im selling the ttr to my brother as his first bike :)

    Test rode quite a few vtr250's and I must say they seem the best choice, nice torque and excellent styling, although past 7-8grand on the tacho they are completely ball-less, and the 5 spd box worries me as I intend to go on little trips down to the harbour and it's 100km/h for the better part of half hour that way. Not interested in shitty commuters or full faired bikes like the miniture fireblades, i'll save that for when im older and have the cash. Plus im 6"2 and 82kg so they all feel like toys.

    Recently stumbled upon the hornet 250 though? I understand they are all grey imports and based on the fireblade engine, so faster than the vtr, with the benefit of a 6th gear also? test riding it this weekend, but my main question is reliability, seeing as they are a much older bike than the vtr (although similar sexy styling).
    hope someone can clear up the differences between these two bikes as it's pretty much what i've narrowed it down too after a ton of research online.

  2. Confused about your comment regarding the vtr powerband. Do you mean below 7-8K they are powerless because above 6000-7000 is where all the magic happens on that bike. It's fine at 100km/h no trouble cruising at that speed. All honda's are pretty damn reliable and the hornet is relatively simple but it won't be any better than the vtr for your purposes i'd imagine
  3. Hornets use the inline 4 from the cbr250rr so I don't see spare parts being that big of a deal. It will be a fair bit quicker than the vtr. The hornet doesn't really look like a 250 either. From memory they have a 180 wide rear tyre! The engine should be durable, but I wouldn't exactly call a DOHC inline 4 18,000rpm engine 'simple' if anything does go wrong.
  4. sorry onoff that should have been more like 9 grand upwards for lack of balls for the vtr... after testing a few i like the midrange pull, but they seem to run out of steam fairly quickly (ie: once they hit about 9 grand) whereas from what I can gather the hornet has some decent low end grunt (i use the term 'decent' freely) and then thrives off the high revs for those hills runs and such.

    yeah i get that no 250 can be expected to pull hard from 0-14,000 rpm all the way through, im more just talking in comparison to others in its class that im looking at.

    The ones im looking at have 30,000km on the vtr and 40,000km on the hornet. so reliability is a big factor. price is very similar but so far the hornet just seems to be ticking more boxes. yeah darren your right they do come with that massive oversize rear wheel!
  5. The cbr250rr is a pain to repair, and dont assume all the parts are the same.
  6. ahk well any things to look out for that could indicate a lemon when looking at this hornet then? I'll only have the bike for less than 12 months for sure, but i'd prefer not to be spending thousands in that short amount of time...
    basic servicing on the cbr250rr shouldnt be entirely hard though im guessing, just a few more plugs and valves to worry about, not really much if your gonna spend the day servicing it pulling it apart and back together anyway. obviously a vtr will be a tad easier, but yeah so far it's just not fairing up to the hornet for both my needs and rider experience
  7. Oh wait if you are going to work on it yourself then it is less of a concern. They are just fiddly to work on. It will just take more of your riding time.

    If you have to pay then it will start adding up and not many shops will want to work on it
  8. well stuff like oil change, plugs, carb clean etc. I can do. I was more worried about ignition systems failing, electrics, heads going and compression loss or something more serious... I test ride can only tell you so much unfortunately.

    yeah just rang Honda World adelaide or Moto adelaide whatever they are called now, and they said they won't do any work on the hornet :/
  9. The older cbrrrrrrrrrr250rrrrrrrrrrrr's show up here, in the tech help forum on a regular basis. They get fiddly with old age. Along with getting passed around a bit.

    I'm guessing/remembering the Hornet is not tuned quite as high, so it might be less sensitive. But remember, they will be getting older be now so may start to see some of those cbrrrrrrrrr problems.

    I too was suprised by your comment about the VTR rev range. Most 250 twins will spin up quite nicely towards 10 or 11k. Googling states that peak power is at 10,500, so maybe you rode a dud. should be sweet to ride in the 5-9 or 10k range.

    And don't assume a 6th gear is 5 gears with one more on top. It might be 6 gears in the space of 5. This mean no advantage on the hwy and more hassle to ride.

    For me, the VTR would be the preference of these two.
  10. Yeah i'm staying away from the baby blades, just too damn old these days and they have all been thrashed by at least one past owner. Plus I'm miles too big for the frame (in height, im no fatty :/).
    Hornets are detuned versions, so I was hoping that the one i've narrowed down on might not be so thrashed although I havn't got my hopes high... at only 40,000km it can be one of two, either its been wound back, or really is a nice little bike with low km's...

    Na I've made sure to ride at least three different vtr's so as to weed out the duds, surprisingly the first one I rode is the best, and thats the oldest with the most km's! Might just be a good example of 'it's not the km's, its the treatment' philosophy.
    But still, I felt that it had literally f@*k all top end, all the power was down in the midrange, which isn't necessarily bad, delivery was smooth and all, just was expecting some more balls given how everyone raves about the v-twin design.

    very true about the gear ratio, didnt think of that cheers
  11. Have you tried a Spada? 6 gears, and the engine has the power up top a little more than the vtr.
  12. Yeah but wasnt a spada fan, plus only ones i could find were even older than the hornets again... those things are getting ancient and kinda rare
  13. So test rode the hornet, although the vtr is the logical choice I can't deny that the hornet is 100% MORE EXCITING IN EVERY WAY! Looks, power, seating position, the larger frame, the vtr is a great bike but the hornet is a fantastic bike! It test rode really well when I took it for a spin down the gorge, and my local bike mechanic whom I know really well has offered to service and work on it so im going to take a risk and opt for the old dog.

    For future reference any new riders that want to know the difference between these bikes, in terms of their character I'd suggest that if you only want a fun and good looking commuter that seems to be great at many things but dosn't excell in any of them, get the vtr. But if you want something that will give you an ear to ear grin on the weekends (even though it's probably going to be a bit more of a pain reliability wise) get a hornet. Just my two cents after testing quite a few
  14. I Doubt you will have any real maintenance problems, I personal think you are better off with one of those old bikes' Vs anything new coming out. They where built to last back then your only problem will be parts will either be second hand or will cost a bit because they will becoming from Japan most likely.

    I thought the old 250 Hornets looked great, not sure why Honda can't make any of their LAM bikes look good anymore. Enjoy the bike.
  15. I think you will find that most shops wont work on it. Find a shop before you pay your deposit.

    A vtr is a fine bike. The fastest bike is the one that runs.
  16. My mates got a Buell 1125R and he's finding it hard to get a shop that will touch it, even Peter Stevens said, we can diagnose it but we don't want to work on it.
  17. they only sold 2 1125Rs world wide.
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  18. Certainly seems that way, there's nine for sale on bikesales, probably the only 9 sold in Australia :p

    Off topic sooooo

    +1 vote to the VTR
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  19. Isnt there an ebr dealer in melbourne, surely he would work on it?
  20. Little inconvinient having a 1400 odd km round trip for any issues.