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VTR250 trouble!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Teamsherman, May 30, 2011.

  1. Gday guys,

    Bike is a VTR250 2006 model.

    Ok, so ive noticed on my new ride between 4500 and 6500rpm my motor seems to be bogging down intermitently. When im accelerating up to speed its fine, but when cruising on about 60klm/h and up its doing the bogging thing, at first i thought the other day when i was doing 80kph it was wind buffer but its starting to do it at 60kph now too. If i crack the throttle past the bogging revs, it revs up fine.

    To me it feels like its not sparking properly, or maybe something to do with the choke sticking a little?? Im running Shell V-power fuel and the bike had a major service on the 28th April 11 which was a little over 300k's ago. The owner hadnt ridden it much at all between then and a little over 2 weeks ago when i took ownership.

    Anyone got any ideas on why it might be doing it? Im considering taking it to my local shop tomorrow as thats the guys that have serviced it since new. Id just prefer to try a thing or two on my own before i pay someone to do it, im pretty good on the spanners.

    Any ideas?


  2. My CBR used to do something similair between 5-7k, I described it as 'bogging down' to my mechanic. It turned out to be the carby's, they were cleaned and tuned and the problem dissapeared. Hopefully it's something that straight forward for you.
  3. ive read that vtr250s shouldnt use vpower. just use normal unleaded and see if it helps

    and a carb clean might help. I need to do that for my vtr also. Let me know how you go with it
  4. really... actually what octane is vpower?
    ive been putting premium in my bike and seems to be going ok, but then again not 100% sure on how the bike should actually sound/go...

    I think i got a flat spot from when i apply initial revs, seems to dip down and sometimes stall. i think thats just throttle adjustments though, less free play maybe.
  5. I drained the tank today, and filled it up with normal 91 octane unleaded. There was still about 3 litres or so of V-power in the tank so i went for a ride to get rid of some of that. The bike was bogging a bit up to about 50k's of ride then after that it seemed to clear out and run fine. Hopefully problem solved.
  6. well let us know how it goes, interested.
    how did u drain the tank by the way?
  7. Well, that was the fun bit!!

    I removed the main fuel line at the carby end and took off the tank cap and it didnt flow. So i followed what i could as to what lines were going to the tank and fuel tap and realised its a force fed unit. So i think there is back pressure from the motor routed into the tap to activate some sort of pressure release valve to let the fuel run.

    So the only way i could get the fuel to run was to run the motor at idle. Eventually the motor conked and by that stage i had removed about 9-10litres so i was happy with that.

    Once i filled up with regular unleaded it took about 50-60klm's to clear what was left of the V-power and now it is bogging a little bit but nowhere near as it was when it was full of the v-power. Im guessing the fuel i left in the reserve has mixed in with the regular so i'll just run this tank including reserve dry and then refill with regular.


  8. awesome, great to hear.

    First time i've ever been useful on NR. :bannanabutt:
  9. yea nice 1.
    now looking back on my attempts to emptying my fuel from my VTR250 tank, feel like a goose. since it was already taken off I started shaking it upside down, this way and another, getting a bit of fuel on myself as well, a perfect scene for Final Destination ready to happen (ghost rider maybe)
    yep, newbie embarrassment.
    May much happiness come to you and your VTR.
  10. The effect of fuel with too high an octane rating being used is likely to be that the plugs are coated with crap. I'd be suprised if one tank of regular would be enough to clear that up, glad to hear it seems to have worked, though. My first guess would have been carby.