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VTR250 to zx6r

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by BlueRex, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. I must say the VTR is such an easy bike to ride, over the past 12 months as my first bike it has been very forgiving and i didn't realise how much until i got the zx6r.

    I have basically had to totally rethink the way i ride. On the VTR i could rip the thottle open and slam it closed with no problem but noo way could i do this on the Rex.
    While i think it has been good on the VTR i am starting to wonder if it was all a waste of time as riding the two bike you use totally different techniques.

    Is it just the style of bike ie more upright compared to sports bike or is it the weight and power difference...
  2. Power mainly..

    When I'm playing around I'll just rip open the throttle when exiting the corner, I know I won't be able to get away with that on a bigger bike without losing traction so have to make the most of it now :D
  3. The 600 sportsbike is more responsive and sensitive than the VTR250. It requires more precise technique. I think having a learner bike is mostly to learn how to ride safely on the road in traffic because each bike rides different and you have to learn each bike regardless.
  4. Certainly not a waste of time. Riding a beginner bike gives you the freedom to concentrate on learning technique and how things work on the road without having to worry too much about giving it too much throttle, too much brake etc, etc.

    I know how you feel. I went from a ZZR 250 to an 1100. Similar riding position (the 1100 is a bit more forward due to its size), but everything else was foreign. Soooo much more power, brakes and just bike in general.
  5. fun isnt it?! :LOL:
  6. You'll find that the current model 600SS bikes have fuelling electronics to minimise the throttle chop sensations you are feeling.
  7. loving it!
  8. I am looking at upgrading to the same bike but from my GPX250
    Looking forward to a new learning curve?

    Glad to here you are having fun

    Out of interest what happens when you slam the throttle shut?
  9. engine braking :)
  10. iv upgraded to an r6 from an old vt250 so it's a bit of a shock to the system :shock:. the throttle and brakes are so sensitive but i started getting used to it after about 20 minutes and the handling is amazing :grin:

  11. I like the new name!

    My username was Rexy Blue when I had that bike,

    glad to hear you are enjoying it, I dont have any tips for you other than you will get used to it with time,

    did you put stickier tyres on it?
  12. Not sure if they were stickier, i got Pilot Roads i think they are called.
    Also got a Sticker kit for it, will have to put new Pictures up. Has ZX6R and Ninja Stickers on now :D
  13. I think they will be a better tyre than I had,

    I'm not sure about the sticker kit though!

    I liked the unmarked look, it kept people guessing..
  14. pilot roads are a fcuken great tyre mate. they slide around abit i the first couple of corners untill you drive some heat into them. after that, fcuken good to go. and they have got great life. ive done 7000kms on mine on the big twin, and there is plenty of life left in the rear yet.
    mate there is no way it was a waste of time. the VTR250 is a stupidly easy bike to ride, be it wringing its neck in the twisties, or the long commute to work. getting on the bigger bike will feel wierd at first, just because they are completly different bikes to start off with. dont worry though, once you come to terms with it, shouldnt take longer than a month, you will feel just as at home on the 636 and on the 250.
  15. Hi

    What you may notice is that your corner entry speeds are much greater, not just because of your higher speed capabilties, but as a result of not having engine braking as you go in.

    This can be liberating in a sense and may actually improve your riding!