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VTR250 Tail bag query

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by dweezle, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. I have been searching the net and NR for a few hours now and still can not find a definitive answer.

    I have a 06 VTR250 and want to use a tail bag as a tank bag is a bit intrusive and a backpack is not ideal if i happen to have an off. Not to mention the nice sweat patch i will have at work all day!! :-({|=

    The issue that Myself, MCAS and Sydney city have come across is that the VTR seat is an odd one when it is removed.
    You end up with this-

    The underside is a kind of upside down U shape.
    This seems to make securing a tail bag tricky.
    I must admit the guy at MCAS was not exactly onto it.

    Does anyone know if i can remove the seat from the plastic to help secure the tail bag?
    Bit lost at the moment, i thought someone at either SCM or MCAS would be able to help.
    They basically said to buy a backpack or a tankbag.
    Which i kept saying was not ideal.

    I am after something like this-

    As the bike is soooo common i assume people have sorted this out many times over. So i apologies in advance for most likely asking a question that has been asked many times before.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Apologies if you have already considered it, but have you looked at the pack rack type thingies? I have the ventura rack on my VTR250 and it's great although rather pricey.

    It does, unfortunatley, block the seat from being removed when the rack is on but it's only the work of moments to take the rack off. (I keep my tyre pressure gauge and hard-stand under the seat).
  3. ask greydog, she's got one of both, the bike n bag
  4. Thanks for the input mate.:beer:

    I have considered the ventura, and if all else fails then i know that is what i will end up getting.
    Great bit of kit that.
    Seems to come to around $480 including Large bag.

    I would prefer to be able to get a seat mounted bag for around $100 for now.
    Just as i won't have the VTR for ever and will end up with no use for it.
  5. Brilliant.
    Excuse me while i go bother Greydog!!
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    Kicking myself for not thinking off that. ](*,)

    It makes perfect sense that way.
    Thanks for everyones help.

    (i now sheepishly make my way to bike store for bag)
  8. Here's a picture for reference, probably not the best.

  9. dweezle, hope you got my PM. Sorry I couldn't help you. Goddie is getting on in years - his memory is going. I don't have a tailbag. Well, actually I had one for like 2 days and sold it to Ultram in frustration b/c of the same issue you're having now, plus my lack of flexibility. Strife's idea will work, altho I found it not as tidy as I'd like.
  10. I've got same bike and bag, just feed it through the rings that are half cut off in the pic above, secures fine, that way the krieger straps are easy to remove if you don't need them.
  11. I've got a VTR as well. Tail packs such as the Kreiga have straps that stay in place. Flip your removed seat over and unscrew the padded seat section from the body-coloured tail and feed the strapping thru and then screw the seat back in place. Strife's pic shows the finished result.