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VTR250 suspension - Upgrade

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Jimmyz, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. So here's the story - I weigh 105kg and my vtr250's rear shock hates me, which is a pain in the ass, because it is the ONLY thing I dislike about my bike. The front forks are acceptable, they are a tad soft as well, but I can live with them.

    I've set the preload pretty high and the ride height is good, but it can be a bit like a boat over any largish bumps in the road and I am unable to adjust any of the damping or spring rates (did I mention I'm a bit of a noob at that? But I'll figure it out).

    I am considering finding myself a fully adjustable rear shock from a larger sports bike either from wreckers or from some spares a few of my mates have, and fitting it onto my bike seeing as buying a new one can cost around $1k - too much.

    What sort of measurements would I need to know in order to start looking a for a new shock?

    I'm guessing the most important one would be the length between the eyelets.

    If anyone knows of other shocks that have been successfully transplanted into a vtr250 that would be much appreciated as would any other relevant info, because I've never done this before. but would love to give it a shot as it would turn a good bike into a great one - highly worthwhile :)