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VTR250 - suspension gone soft just over 1000k's?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by darklightBoy, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I've got a VTR250 with just over 1000k's on the clock. Riding home from work tonight I noticed the front forks are suddenly quite a bit softer. I've had a look over them, I can't see any leaks or anything, it just has more bounce in it. Is this something small that I can check and fix, or is it something that needs the bike to be taken back to the dealer? Maybe it's just normal? (i hope not).


  2. How soft? Suspension does settle over time (Especially the first 1000 or so kms). Has your rear suspension softened too? Have you checked the air pressure in the tyres?
  3. I reckon I've noticed the same - probably from about 1500-2000 I've noticed it the most. When I first got the bike at 1200ks, I was pretty much on tippy toes and I'm now flat foot with bent knees and it's pretty bouncy :)

    Time to adjust the suspension methinks!
  4. Adjust? On the VTR250? You're dreaming :).
  5. I was sure I read in the service manual that there was adjustment possible :oops: will check that later on :)
  6. You can adjust the rear preload but thats about it. Also you need a special tool.
  7. If your bike only has 1000K take it back to the dealer :roll:
  8. a special tool... also known as a chisel and a hammer... :LOL: :LOL:
  9. You can use washers to add preload to the forks if you want to do that.
  10. Haven't put on a lot of weight recently, have you? :LOL:

    Go back to the dealer and ask him to add some spacers and slightly heavier oil to the forks; make HIM get his hands dirty :).
  11. I hadn't actually noticed the rear, but it seems to have softened up too. they're not ridiculously soft, but it's been a noticeable change. air pressure's fine.

    i guess the main thing i'm wondering is - is it normal? the bike's still plenty rideable - threw and extra 100k's on it in one go this afternoon - it just seems quite a sudden change. hornet's idea of getting the dealer to stiffen it up seems good, but if it's normal new bike behaviour i'd have to pay for all the work right?

    Every bike will soften the suspension a lot by around 1000kms. There's no point adjusting most adjustable suspension until then either.

    All jap 250s have very soft forks. You shouldn't worry too much about it unless you are riding at tremendously racy speeds through bumpy
    corners. I did a 'knee down' race-style advanced riding course with Rider Bros on VTR250s and I couldn't believe how they taught me to corner those VTRs on stock tyres and suspension, not even low tyre pressures. And I'm not no champion rider,



    Yes I agree if you need more preload you can put spacers on top of the fork springs, and you can also change the oil to a different (thicker) grade for more damping. This is not something a rider would need to do unless he/she were solidly built AND riding in an experienced hyper-sport fashion.