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VTR250 suddenly runs like it's out of fuel *updated*

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by twisties, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. Honda VTR250 - 2000
    Daily ridden
    Just been serviced about 1500k's ago including carby's being synched etc.

    So on the my way home tonight, I'm just around the corner from my place, as i'm exiting a nice wide fast roundabout I wrap on the throttle as per normal routine and..... wtf? It feels just like I've run out of fuel. That's not right as I've only done 100k's since my last fill, I haven't noticed or smelt any leaks, so I keep going to see how it continues and it doesn't really get any worse, just can't use any more throttle than is enough to keep the bike going at a constant speed or very slightly accelerate.

    Now this wasn't gradual or anything, it just hit me out of nowhere but the real kicker is... It revs perfectly fine with the clutch in/out of gear. :S

    So, before I get a crash course in disassembling parts of a VTR250, what do the wise people of NR think could have possibly gone wrong so suddenly?

    EDIT: It also doesn't make a difference if i stick it on 'ON' or 'Reserve'
  2. wow this place is dead tonight.

    I let it sit for a while and cool down and went out after dinner and discovered if I use very minimal throttle I can get it to accelerate to 60ish and only slightly feel the jerking and unevenness (i realise that probably isnt a word)

    Gets worse the closer to Wide Open Throttle it gets.
  3. give it time, someone with a bit more knowledge than me will post up and hopefully help
  4. Hopefully :)

    In the mean time I'm resorting to lifts from mum/dad where possible and train rides as the little beast just isn't beasty enough to get out of heavy traffic 'situations' on the freeway at the moment... :(
  5. Blocked Jet in the Carby?

    Had a similar situation when I first picked up my VTR. Would run fine at low revs but would stutter and carry on at higher revs, really struggked to maintain anything over about 70kmh. Turned at to be a blocked main jet from memory.
  6. Or possibly a hose that has come loose, check them under the tank.
  7. if its only breaking down under "load" it could be blocked carby jets
    Hard to say. To me it sounds like an fuel supply issue, if it revs freely but not under load.

    Could also be a weak spark etc?
  8. My guess is fuel issue too. Sounds like its just not getting enough. Take fuel line off at carb/s and turn tap to 'prime'. You should get a good flow of fuel. If not, work back from there checking for blockages, kinked hoses, blocked filter. If you can't find the problem, drain carbs and try again. Next is dismantle and clean carbs.
  9. Check the breather thingy on your fuel cap.
  10. It's plugs or leads. Change your plugs for a start.

    Could be crap in your fuel tap or fuel filter, but I doubt it.
  11. Well I went out and armed myself with a plug spanner, then realised it's too big. Bike must use smaller plugs which also means the sunken hole they are in won't even fit the spanner I have lol.... I think the weekend is gonna be shopping time.

    What was going to be a ride on saturday is fast turning into a spanner session with at least 1 mate who knows what he's doing.

    Keep the suggestions coming. I'll report back with what I find.
  12. Forget my stupidity with the plug spanner, the tool kit under the seat has a tool for it. Granted i don't have a working socket set so it was a painfully slow process of half turns but i eventually got the front plug out.

    Despite a fair whack of corrosion on the exposed side of the plug (well i suppose that's kinda normal on a naked bike which gets ridden in rain rather frequently.

    It sparked brilliantly so i'll pencil that out.

    I had a fart around and worked out how to disconnect my fuel hoses, got the tank off and as far as I can tell from what I could get my hands on, none of them were blocked (i don't know about the workings inside the fuel tap). I disconnected it right up to the point it splits 2 ways for either carb, held it to the light and no blockages.

    No hoses were kinked and while putting them back i ensured this.

    Other hose I checked was I'm guessing a breather hose which hangs from the tank all the way down to near the sump and just sits open. For the sake of being thorough, this wasn't blocked either.

    I'll check the other spark plug when I get a chance as it's 12:30am and i have to be up for work at 6! >_<.

    Oh and I also drained the carbs, then found that my fuel tap has no 'prime' on it just on,res,off so it took me a while to get the fuel back in there lol.

    Bike starts again and still has the same issue. Didn't check free revving too much given the early am time I'm doing this.


    Couldn't find a blocked hose.
    Drained carbs
    Checked one plug so far, sparks fine
    Bike starts after being put back together
    Issue persists

    I'm too afraid to pull everything out to get to the carbs just to have somehting else to blindly pull apart.

    .... i'm making no sense, bed time.
  13. Was the fuel you drained out of the carbs filthy? If so, you should strip them down & give them a good clean (probably a good idea anyway).

    Get some Carby Cleaner, then get back to us. :grin:
  14. CHANGE YOUR PLUGS you cant check the spark and say its ok, in teh old days they had spark plug testers where they pressurized a chamber to try recreate the conditions in the piston chamber, can you do that? and check your leads, if its not running very well under load but ok free reving thats what you should be checking and is usually plugs... get some good ones and its still only gonna cost you a $20... (dual spark iridium ones, could be a little more)

    (Send me a TXT next time you have any issues dood)
  15. my rental zzr250 is doing the same thing. loose power have to pull off the freeway (only ever bloody happend on freeway - obviuosly its the load), then after a few minutes it will start back up.

    When I drop the bike off on Tuesday I'll let the bike shop know and ask them to give me a call and let me know what the problem was. I'll then post it here fyi
  16. My phone dropped it's contact liust and therefore your number zealt.

    Can't find my old phone to update my list again.
  17. +1

    Blockage in the carbs due to some minute particle.

    Remove carbs, spray the jets and numerous air passages with carb cleaner.

    I experience the same symptoms a number of years ago (on a diff. bike), and a carb cleaner did the trick.
  18. Might sound like a dumb question, but its not.

    You are not riding around with the choke on are you ??? :oops:

    Post that, I'd put new spark plugs in first..carb clean second
  19. Lol no wasn't riding with the choke on :p zealt, msg me so I can get your number again

    Also. Could I get the right plugs and or leads from burson or repco etc?
  20. Right. A 1.5 hour hike around the melton/sydenham area and $40 later I've got some NKG Iridiums to try. Also, when removing the old plug I noticed that the screw on cap on top is stuck in the lead. Could it be possible that it was loose and not sparking right?

    I'll let you know what I find.