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Vtr250 > Street Triple R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Morgoth, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. Hi, I'm new here, but I'm a full open driver and bike P plater in Northern Tasmania, I'm unrestricted on the bike next october.
    I'm looking very closely at nabbing a new Street Triple, likely the R.

    I feel I'm the perfect build for it, about 173cm tall, 75Kg
    I love the VTR250 and have been told I'll adjust well to the triple.

    I also was wondering if anyone has purchase a Triumph through the dealer in Ulverstone, any feedback on their quality of setup/servicing would be amazingly helpful.

    I haven't decided on colour yet, but I guess I'll go the 2013 model when I'm on my Full bike license, I plan on 3into1 arrow system, rear hugger and tail eliminator, tank guards, bar-end mirrors, gel seat (depending how it is stock)

    What I'd like to know, is it better to run the bike in, then get the exhaust/tune done after?

    Any advice or comments from experience would be nice.

    I also plan on buying with cash, so I hope these buggers budge on price if I don't use finance,


  2. the street triple is pretty good as it comes. you don't need to do much. ride it for 6 months before you make mods. I have a rad guard and heated handgrips on mine, but might get a hugger before next winter. suggest you spend your money on advanced riding courses so you can get the best put of it. its a very sophisticated bike.
  3. Run the bike in stock, most warranty work is sooner so you dont want them saying that its the mods.

    And you will need the warranty on a oil leaker.
  4. Thanks!!

    This is the kind of info I've been after, waiting for the first couple if services sounds good, mod later yep.

    I was also running the idea of advanced courses through my mind as my P test instructor suggested it to us, I think I will.

    I forgot to put in the OP what I use my bike for, I commute on a rural highway 17km each way to work every day, curvy 100kmh limit stuff, about 300km per week for work.

    I also want to do some nice rides through cradle mountain and Cethana etc, not interested in straight like 250kmh stuff, not my idea of fun.

    Street triple seemed to fit the bill.

    Should I harp onto the dealer about bolt tightening etc during setup and services? I know they're meant to check assembly and fluids when it comes in, but I know some places can slack on everything but oil/filter changes,


  5. Find a dealer that will do that without you moaning about it. Really if they are cutting corners on tightening bolts where else are they.
  6. Make sure they use the correct tyre fluid. Common delivery problem on Street Triples.
  7. Dealers are scarce here in north Tas, the mechanic there on the phone to me was being a boss, so fingers crossed this mob is the goods
  8. they recheck everything at the first service at 800k.
    triumph seem to get into them about service. had no dramas with mine.
    good bike for what you want to do. no fairings though so no weather protection.
  9. Dealers won't cut you a better deal for cash. They make more money on the finance.
  10. A whole year to go and you're already decided on a bike and the upgrades to go with it...give it some time, lots of good bikes out there.
  11. Good points!

    Figures manufacturers need to keep servicing inline if they don't want exploding bikes on their name ...

    For sure, dealers make more in long run with finance, is it just a bike thing? Or dealer dependant, my roommate bought a Barina Spark new, shaved a grand or so off price and saved god knows how much interest by paying upfront.
    Could be luck of the draw ?

    I know there's a couple of bikes in the category I'm after, light, naked and good for a daily.
    Monster 796 is nice, but I like the triple better, any other suggestions?


  12. Aprilia Tuono...

    but i reckon you're spot on with the striple.... nice low/mid range push, awesome flickability and it comes into it's own well below 200kph... perfect for tassie roads.

    if you were into fairings then the 675R daytono is excellent value.. or any of the supersport 600's... and with the low traffic in tassie they're also completely commuteable.

    re: the arrow exh. you mean 3-1-2 right? not a single rear pipe like the daytona??
  13. I did what it sounds like you're going to do.

    I had all decided I was going to buy a Street Triple as soon as my restrictions ended because it sounded like the bike to me. So the day I did Qride to unrestrict myself I bought a Street Triple without riding anything else.

    5mo later I traded it in on another bike which suited me enormously better.

    So yeah - I think it's a little too early to be deciding on a bike.
  14. Chill out i reckon, enjoy your vtr, dont think much about the striple R till you can ride one.

    Then go and ride all the competitors first, tuono, ducati monster, aprillia shiva, nuda 900, mv brutale.

    then ride a striple R

    At the end of the day would you rather ride a vtr then jump on striple? or rather ride a vtr then ride around on a bunch of different bikes all weekend for free having the time of your life, then jumping on a striple!
  15. Thanks for the suggestions, I think my budget will be up to $15k, but I'll know by then what I can spend,

    Honestly this VTR is the only lams bike I'd have, if I had to choose another, I'd go with maybe a CB400, the new rides are nice, I tested one.

    I'll chill out, I just like to plan things ^^
    I'll ring around dealers later next year and see what bikes they have on the floor


  16. sadly for you by then the street triple will look like some sort of cheap pos kawasaki. but in saying that it will still be the same great bike it is now though...
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