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VTR250 started to backfire and brakes squeakin'

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by campleader50, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. Howdy.
    My 2005 VTR250 has just started backfiring at start up. It's just the one "BANG!", (sounds like gunshot, and scares the bejeezus out of me and any poor Nana who happens to be walking by with her shopping trolley), and is not happening during riding. Otherwise the bike is running nicely.

    It has done under 2000km with a full service history, (ie. had it's 1000km and technically not due now until, I think, 6000km.

    Also, I get a bit of squeaking on the front brake at time. Nothing dramatic. I got told that was pretty normal. Is that true?

    Any opinions from you folks out there??
  2. hey,
    Im not too sure about your backfiring. My bike would backfire only if I tried numerous times at starting when I couldnt start her. My bike would backfire with only a small pop not like a gun shot. If she started normally She wont backfire....

    For the brakes squeaking I think its normal as I have it from time to time to. Most of the time its not there.

    Im quite new to bikes too so dont really take my word.... :p :oops:
  3. squeaky front brakes are probably glazed pads, they seem fairly new, so sudden hard braking will glaze the surface... try riding and gently putting them on, or let them drag slightly when going down hill, that should get rid of it

    backfiring is unburnt fuel in the engine/exhaust, nothing to really worry about unless its a frequent occurence. Do you play with the throttle with the engine off? or leave the bike with the fuel tap set to on for a few days?
  4. This is what I thought as well for my backfiring after a few unsucessful starts.
  5. Dunno about squealing brakes on the VTR but when I got the new rear put on the virago, it didn't shut up.

    As for backfiring, my VTR did backfire on start up occasionally at around the same Km's yours is at. I remember one occasion starting it up ..someone was leaning down looking at my exhaust at the time..and 'bang!'. haha. I wondered whether it had something to do with the engine being cold, because the times it happened were early morning in cold/wet conditions.

    Hasn't happened since about the 4000kms mark though *shrugs*
  6. well all give you our opinion but the dealer will fix it!
  7. Thanks guys - all good suggestions.

    -Yes, I have been leaving the fuel tap on for a few days cause I'm not riding very regularly at the moment. Actually, I didn't know that maybe it should be switched off if left for a while..? (Actually, truth be told, I wasn't sure what you were talking about when you said 'fuel tap', but I think I've worked out that you mean the reserve tank knob thingy...)
    -Yes, backfiring has started since the onset of the Melbourne freeze.
    -Yes, contacting dealer is a fine suggestion as well.
    -Will also have a go at suggestions re: squeaky brakes.

    Helpful as always -Thank gawd for Netrider.
  8. yup, you should switch it off if you're leaving the bike for more than overnight (some even say turn it off when you leave the bike), and correct, its the fuel reserve switch, if you turn it so it's horizontal, it's off

    good luck mate!
  9. Hi Sorry to dig up and old thread, but having exactly the same issues.

    Its a 2001 vtr 250 with ~8500 k's.

    Backfiring on deceleration only with throttle fully closed, varies between a quiet "phut" noise and a fairly loud bang, happening quite often though under these conditions (once or twice per decel about 50% of the time).

    Dosent seem to do it when warming up (first few k's of a ride)

    Trying different fuels to see it that makes any difference.

    How worried should i be is my real question?

    Did anyone having this issue find a solution or cause?

    Also breaks squeaking when given more than slight stopping pressure, happens about 80% of the time, not too loud, but annoying.

    Do the pads need replacing?

    Any ideas are appreciated, I am no mechanic but not fully useless if its not too hardcore. But as I use the bike for commuting and cant really be without it for long.

    I only bought it not long ago but it had a major service and a carb clean before I got it, i suppose I should just go ask the dealer about the service?

    Cheers people