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VTR250 stalling & instructions on draining carbs.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Hey all. Does anyone know what may be causing my VTR250 to stall? I pulled up after an hr of riding yesterday morning, put it down into first to find a parking spot and the bike sputtered and konked out. It did it a few times after that as well, all whilst in first with the engine idling/no revs. Seems to be idling slower than normal whilst in first. I've been keeping the revs slightly up whilst in first so that it wont do it again and to tide me over till I can get it to the bike shop. It's done 13000kms. Due for a service.

    Anyone know what it could be?
  2. Hows the clutch cable, has the clutch cable stretched? Just as an Idea, try overadjusting the clutch (as in, almost slipping while its out, and see)

    Hows the sest of the bike? is it performing sluggishly?
  3. Thanks rs101. The rest of the bike seems to be fine. No other probs.

    I'm not sure what you mean by the clutch cable stretching - and how to overadjust the clutch. And why should I overadjust the clutch? What will that do/show?
  4. If the cable has stretched, the clutch might not be totally disengaging. Essentially, you would be slipping the clutch all the time (motor would always be under load). If that doesn't solve it, could always just try knocking the idle stop screw in a bit (increase revs)

    Edit - also, if the cable has stretched considerably, it should be replaced as it is likely about to break.

    You can tell if the cable has stretched by the amount of free play in the clutch lever. if there is more free play, the clutch cable has stretched.
  5. Thanks Ray. I'll have a look at it now. BUT, if that were the case, wouldn't it be doing it all the time? It's only sometimes that I notice it's idling slow/close to stalling. Other times it's fine in first. :?

    The first time it happened I thought it might have something to do wtih the timing. Not sure why cos I know little about mechanics, but timing was the first thing that popped into my little non-mechanical head.

    Will have a look and better book it in asap for a service.

    Also, it's not an old bike. 07 model and only done 13000km. Would you see problems to the clutch cable this early on?

    Thanks again

  6. Hi Rosie , Im at work so cant stayonline for too long atm.

    13000k's ? I'd be looking for the simple stuff , Air filter / fuel filter / water in the carby bowls etc

    Lots of small things can be giving the symtoms your describing :)
  7. Have you got a new pipe? I found that after slipping the new pipe on mine when I blipped the throttle it would conk out. It was a mixture thing - I think it was too lean from memory(?) So adjusted it and since it's been fine. In any case, get it serviced and they should pick it up.
  8. Salt in the carbies? :wink:

    But seriously, could this be related to the winter fuel / warm days issue that was being discussed over here?
  9. Jes guys! Just adjust the idle advance a bit higher. This should take care of it in the short term.
    Have a good look then at the intakes, points and carbies for fouling.
  10. Ah come on! Where's your sense of adventure!!
  11. Thats why I'm thinking the cable. Maybe time to book in for service, that and the fuel thread seems to be an interesting consideration...
  12. does it lurch forward more than usual when you engage in first before it stalls? if so yep clutch cable needs to be adjusted out a tad.

    if its fuel system related, drain the carbies, a does of fuel system treatment should do the trick. their fuel filters can be a bit precious.

    mind you, a 12000km service is a major service on the VTR, so if you get this done at somewhere proper, they will do all of this anyway. book it in for a service, and bring this to their attention :wink:
  13. Best thing you can do is just get it in for a service, you mentioned it needs one anyways. 12,000km is the first major service for the VTR250 (I think) so it will get a nice going over.
  14. Yeah Im pretty confident with the guys at Mornington Honda. Bike's now at 13500 so Im 1500 over for the service. Will book it in asap and kill the two birds with one stone.
  15. As someone said, clogged air filter/fuel filter?
  16. Bike was serviced yesterday afternoon and they adjusted the idle. No probs on the ride home. Sweet. :grin:
  17. Damn - it's doing it again. Had a service 1000kms ago. Rode for an hr this morning and pulled up and next thing you know it dies. Same thing as above, only happens in first whilst idling.. konked out in bumper to bumper traffic in Chapel st this afternoon. Pretty much everytime I came to a stop it wanted to die. Kept the revs up and an hr later pulled over and yep..died. It's starting up fine. Idle sitting between 1000 + 1500. Is that too low? Can't remember what it used to sit on - brain went blank on that today.
  18. 500 rpm is quite a variance...most bikes will vary revs up and down a bit maybe 200 rpm at most. I would take it back to the dealer Rosie...the bike should be under warranty anyway. Have you filled up again since the problem started?, could a bad batch of fuel?

    Edit: Idle speed should be 1500rpm +/- 100rpm :)

    If it's idling at 1000rpm it should be a simple matter to adjust the idle speed up to the 1500 rpm minimum...(well it was on my Hornet 250!) You will need to do this while the engine is warm though. Typically Honda's have an idle adjustment knob on the end of a cable located on the left hand side of the bike...owners manual should have the location if you can't see it.

    The steps are as follows

    1) Warm the bike up and let it idle...
    2) From memory turn the knob clockwise to increase the idle speed while keeping an eye on the tachometer
    3) Once the tachometer is reading 1500rpm, give the throttle a couple of tweaks and make sure the idle settles back down to around the 1500rpm mark
    4) Turn the bike off
    5) Restart the bike and check your idle again...it should hopefully be right around the 1500 rpm mark

    If this doesn't help take it back to the dealer...perhaps they didn't check idle speed when doing the service...sometimes these things get forgotten
  19. It could be some dirty fuel. Ran fine yesterday and last night, and was happy pulling in at the servo this morning (only a 10km ride from home so that might mean stuff all), but the prob coincided with this new lot of fuel. Needs more so will fill up again and see how I go..if dramas still happening will take it to the dealer. Still got one yr warranty left on it.

    As for the revs, traffic lights at Cranbourne - I seemed to get every single one. PUlled up at some and bike was idling low as and I'd have to keep the revs up, and then pull up at other lights and it'd be happier/higher.

    Would dirty fuel cause that?
  20. Ah thanks - Missed your edit. I've gotta go for a ride now so will see what it's doing and if the idle needs adjusting, it sounds simple enough to do. Thanks.