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VTR250 Staintune question

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by megalomaniac, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. Thinking ordering one of these slip-ons for my VTR.

    Not interested (or expecting) in gaining performance but read somewhere about someone actually losing performance compared to stock exhaust.

    Can anyone here clarify for me please?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Re: VTR50 Staintune question

    You don't lose performance when adding a freer breathing pipe but on a 250 you wont get any either.
    btw make yourself welcome in the welcome forums and try using the correct forums for the correct answers.
  3. Re: VTR50 Staintune question

    staintune are shiney, well made, but poorly designed over priced exhausts. i wouldnt at all be surprised to hear of people losing power with one of their products. i unfortunately had the displeasure of buying a bike with a staintune on it, cant say i would even consider one if i bought it. luckily it wasnt shiney when i got it so i didnt have to worry about keeping the shine (hell hard on a bike that gets dirty).

    i dont like to bag out aussie products but the truth needs to be out there.

    sure a slip on is a slip on, but dont go anywhere near their header pipes. i have first hand ridden the same bike back to back in the same conditions with a full system change (inc a tune) and it was disgraceful how much torque was lost in lower rpm compared with the stock system. i'm not sure, but it woudnt surprise me to hear that other bikes have had the same reaction to a full system.
  4. Re: VTR50 Staintune question

    Appreciating the feedback fellas (and apologies for posting this thread in wrong place)

    A bit under 10 months left on P's. Bought VTR new 6 months ago and can't decide whether to spend $700 on staintune or wait a month and maybe get a CB400

    Tough decisions for a rookie
  5. Re: VTR50 Staintune question

    So if your not after performance what is it your after
    More noise? As i believe the stock exhasut has a baffle that you can remove with a allen key makes it a bit louder
    If youve only got 10 months why not keep the vtr instead of buying the 400?
    Save your dollars for when your off restrictions
  6. Re: VTR50 Staintune question

    Was just weighing up cost of getting exhaust for the VTR (as its so quiet) vs CB400 since significant price drop of the 400. Would assume the 400 not as "quiet" as the VTR (expect could be wrong on that)
  7. Re: VTR50 Staintune question

    Ok as i said im prety sure there is a removable baffle in stock exhaust i dont know if you have removed it you havent said
    Look under your exhasut tip to see a little bolt that you need to undo woth a allen key undo it and slip baffle out
    Should sound a lot better
    Hope this helps
  8. Re: VTR50 Staintune question

    go the cb400

    my bro has a vtr250 with staintune exhaust and its abominably loud!!! seriously it would put a HD to shame. not sure about torque reduction but you definately have a reduction in the ability to appreciate the v-twin cos its stupid (read STUPID) loud.

    also, he is upgrading as soon as he can (looking at 600s) cos for all that noise it has no balls. either keep it stock, or at reasonable decibels, or upgrade.
  9. Re: VTR50 Staintune question

    if you're planning to upgrade leave it stock. it will be easier to sell.
  10. Re: VTR50 Staintune question

    I had one of these on my VTR250, sounded sweet, not any gain I could feel but cut the km's down on what I could do on a full tank by 20Km. But if you are going to do anything to a VTR then this is it.
  11. Re: VTR50 Staintune question

    Some bikes, especially carbied bikes need to be retuned in order to breathe better due to free flowing exhaust.
    Staintunes are not abominably loud as they are designed to still not be louder than epa regs.
    As for loss of power again the staintunes are not the culprit but rather the bike needs to be retuned.
    On the vtr 250 that's not a problem.
  12. Re: VTR50 Staintune question

    I had a set of Staintunes on my Ducati Monster, they sounded utterly glorious, made me smile every time I twisted the throttle.

    I've seen plenty of VTRs with them on, so I'm sure you'll be fine.
  13. Re: VTR50 Staintune question

    I had a Megacycle glasspack muffler on my VTR250. Nice sound (though the high revs are a bit "anomalous" for an otherwise very V-twin sound).

    Highly subjectively and without sitting the bike on a dyno to test it properly, the Megacycle seemed to reduce lower-end power a tiny bit, even after a proper retuning. (Possibly not surprising; A glasspack muffler may sacrifice a little power at the bottom end due to the reduced gas velocity through the muffler (reduced inertial scavenging).)

    Top end might be improved a tiny little bit. It's a 250, of course, so any changes will be pretty minor anyway.

    Wouldn't recommend removing the baffles from the stock exhaust. Glasspack mufflers take out the (bad!) harsh high frequencies and leave the (good!) growly low frequencies intact. Removing the stock muffler's baffles or removing the stock muffler entirely will only make the bike sound like offensively-loud ear-piercing arse.
  14. $700 for a pipe with a perforated tube in it is daylight robbery and brutalised sodomy. If you pay for that pipe you need a lobotomy.

    I would recommend you simply remove the baffle as others have suggested. If, however, you *do* choose the staintune, you choose to be financially molested.

    - boingk
  15. Terrific post that. Got a good laugh.

    I'm now looking at a Neptune exhaust from NZ which is $435 including shipping.
  16. Haha, cheers megalo, typed the first sentance and felt a rhyme coming on.

    Is that Neptune a full system?

    - boingk
  17. Just the same deal as Staintune.. Ie: a slip on.

    Stainless steel same as staintune yet $265 cheaper.

    Biggest question is will I be able to cut straight with the hacksaw!