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VTR250 staintune baffle removal

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by BiG DaN91, May 31, 2011.

  1. So today i removed my 07 vtr250's staintune baffle. Just used an allen key and pulled it out. Went for a ride and it felt good, little less power accelerating in 1st but felt better 80-100 and sounded great. Later my old man who has been riding 40 years said removing the baffle can put holes in the pistons due to the backpressure so i thought id check here to get some other opinions. Do i need to get it rejetted or anything? Is it bad for the bike?

  2. There is less back pressure when you take the baffles out. So no it wont pit your piston.
    If it was jetted to the Staintune before, then no you wont need to rejet.
    It might make it a little leaner at idle, If it's idling faster then it might need adjusting. If not then no.
    And you will lose a bit off the bottom end power taking the baffles out.
    Slowly take it through the rev range and check for flat spots. 3rd gear is good for this. If it has one then take it to a decent mechanic and get them taken out.
  3. Given that you lose some bottom end power taking the baffles out, I'd put them back in. I had a VTR250 for a couple of years, and depending on what kind of riding you do, bottom end power will be much more important (and more fun) than top end.
  4. yeah ive noticed the difference in the past couple days but i still prefer the top end acceleration and sound with the baffle out
  5. You don't loose any power if you up the jets one size and tune accordingly
  6. is it really worth it for a couple extra hp? its only a 250 after all

    i guess ill talk to my mechanic at my next service and see what he thinks
  7. how much louder is it? just got my vtr and wondering if i take out the baffle on the staintune
  8. its definitely a noticeable difference

    after riding in the hills all day my ears start to hurt :p
  9. You should have the carby checked and tuned every now and then anyway, so to change the jet size isn't that much more effort. Regardless of the actual power increase it will run better, be more responsive and should also improve fuel economy somewhat when riding normally.

    Yeah, it is quite a bit louder. So much so, for a long days riding you should probably wear earplugs.
  10. Why not ask Staintune. I'm sure they would have a technical section
  11. lol at staintune having a technical section.

    just ride it and if there is any flat spots where its too lean then get it tuned by someone who knows how to. it should be fairly right if they sorted it for the pipe for starters.

    just a word of advice, it may feel stronger at the top end than with it in only because its lost so much at the bottom.
  12. nah its definitely much better acceleration 80+ on the same hills i used to struggle up

    feels good so i think im gonna keep it out
  13. yeah the baffle on the staintunes usually are mega restrictive. i noticed when i had one in on one of my bikes i lost torque everywhere.