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VTR250 Speedometer suddenly stopped working

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by freaksauce, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. I have a 2006 Honda VTR250 and this morning for no apparent reason the speedo stopped working? I don't know if I pulled something loose while putting on or taking off the cover but I checked the cables and they seem pretty secure. I'm not the best with a spanner so I wondered if there is anything else I can check? Or should I just take it in to the bike shop?

  2. insert something dumb --> here <-- and delete it by the majic edit button and go...

    ooops didn't really read it :shock: sorry, could be broken cable or speedo pull the cable off the front wheel and see if when you turn it wheather it sounds like its busted halfway, tight or somthing

    otherwise speedo
  3. are you sure it's not one of the cables coming out of the back of your speedo?

    mine did the same awhile ago, had a poke around, found it hanging down, and screwed it back in.

    ...not sure why i need it, chances are i'm always under 60k/ph anyway..

  4. I've checked the back of the Speedo and thats all good so I will try taking the cable off the front wheel like suggested,
    cheers guys
  5. Actually, it is smarter to remove the cable from the speedo itself. Then turn the front wheel and see if the inner wire turns - it should turn about once every metre (approximately).

    If it doesn't turn, then remove the cable from the gearbox on the front wheel. Watch closely as you turn the wheel - the brass cable drive should rotate. If it doesn't, the speedo drive gearbox is possible faulty.

    To verify, remove the front wheel and the gearbox - there is a lever which engages with a slot in the front wheel - if this is broken or missing you need a new gearbox/drive. On some bikes if the speedo drive is not fitted correctly after a wheel change, the drive will stop working, but might work again after correctly fitting the lever in the slot of the front wheel.


    Trevor G
  6. i had that, riding along n suddenly my speedo died. mine had been kinked due to an accident prior, and decided to snap 12 days later. simply went down to the local mechanic, n he chucked in a new cable. but if yours is spankin new no damage, i dontsee why t would snap. i'd check the rest of the bits like Trev suggested
  7. gotta love trev's fastidious posts! :grin:

    My bet is snapped cable can be done with the bikes on tool kit in about 5 mins. Piece of piss. The new cable comes as a complete assembly and over the parts desk at honda is 20 bucks. But do the checks trev said first. No point throwing money at the problem. It never works.