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VTR250 - Sitting Idle

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Heman, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Hi All,
    I've done a search, and couldn't quite find the answer I was after so thought I'd just post my question here.
    I'm looking at buying a '99 VTR250 that's been sitting idle under a deck (with bike cover) for about 18 months. While it's very reasonably priced, I'm told that the engines been replaced and need to factor in possible repair/service costs.
    My question is really what I should expect to have to do to the bike if I get it. I'm not really mechanically-minded (though want to do as much maintenance as possible myself once it's up and running), but was hoping to get an idea of the work that a bike like this may/would/could need, and I'd then get a rough quote for all of that. I'll then at least have an idea about the whether it's economical or just to give it a miss.
    I figure it'll need the following:
    - carbies cleaned, and possibly re-jetted;
    - new chain and sprockets;
    - new battery;
    - spark plugs replaced (?).
    I'm told the tyres are in pretty good nick, but am going to check the bike out this weekend.
    Anything I'm not thinking of?
    Anyway, I've rambled on well too long now, so I'll stop.
    Thanks for taking the time to help.

  2. fuel tank would have rust in it. Friendly huntsman under the seat :) brake fluid? if leaking, might need disc caliper rebuilds [hopefulyl not] Hope you're getting the bike cheap as chips!!
  3. if you carnt start it walk away ,if you dont know to fix it your self walk away ...it might be cheap..... but you will be paying a bike shop big money to fix it so its good to ride on the road ,how do you know if the motor that seller changed is any good ?? can you do a compression test ect ect ect . ,,,save up your dollars and buy a rego bike thats going ...
  4. Gimme some details, I might look at it myself
  5. Aside from any mechanical things, all that, plus replace tyres, check brake pads & discs for wear, air filter, look for any cracks in indicators etc, all of those things will need to be in good condition to get a RWC.

    Carbies cleaned & balanced, re-jetting won't be required unless someone's been messing with it or it was wrong to begin with.

    Even if the tyres look good, they've been sitting for 18 months & who knows how old they were before that?
  6. Hi guys,
    Thanks so much for the quick and helpful replies! REALLY appreciated!
    I might still go and check it out this weekend and see if I can get it started. If not, I think I'll just leave it. I'm told it was running well before it was stored and they are friends of friends (of friends) who have been vouched for. And yeah, it's pretty bloody cheap for a VTR - ie. I could spend $1K fixing it up and probably still sell it in a year for the same amount I will have forked out in total (or close to).
    Anyway, I'll let you all know.
    Thanks again! I love the way the Netrider community is so ready to help out!

    P.S Dougz, thanks mate, really appreciate the offer, but I note you're in Footscray and I'm in Sydney - might be a bit far for you to travel. :)