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VTR250 Service CD/Manual

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jdm, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. I have searched the net, OC DB and this one already....and unless I have stuffed up I can't see anyone that has it....

    Does anyone have the CD or the documents therein?



  2. I have a manual for the 1999 model. Can p/copy it and send to you.

    If you want that, pm me your address and will post Tuesday.

    Can't do it Monday - going to Phillip Island.... :D

    Yep, THE Island, at THE circuit!!!! 8)
  3. That's probably the owners manual, sounds like jdm is after the workshop manual.

    You can try checking the Technical Bookshop in the city or one of the Honda dealers.

    But if you are set on getting a pirated copy you can always try ebay.
  4. Yep you've got it - the factory service manual...Which you can not buy (for some reason Honda have taken this path - even one of my kids mini bikes the service manual is "not available").

    I know that Honda dealerships use a factory issued CD - that you cannot buy...

    So you I'm hoping someone has a copy of it somewhere.......I want to be able to work on my wife's bike - so I need the manual! (I'm pedantic about torque settings etc)...

    I've seen the manuals on eBay buy they are typically crumby photocopies of the PDF's from the CD. I'm somewhat reticent to hop on P2P apps as I like to keep this PC clean - although I'm sure the docs will be available via P2P.

    Don't have this trouble with my Yamaha! ;)

  5. Knightrider, is it the service or owners manual?


  6. i'm also looking for the service manual, as on my students budget it would be extreamly usefull :wink: so if you could help me out that would be great :D
  7. Sorry fellas, only have the owners manual. Would like a copy of hte service manual also....

    If I find one, will post up here and send out to those who want one also.
  8. Owner's Manual and That Little Black Cap

    Hi Knightrider!

    I am in need of a manual (any manual) for my '99 VTR250. Does the Owners Manual have basic maintenance instructions? I am getting a little worried about the little cap on the front right side of the engine. It doesn't have a dipstick and I can't read Japanese so I would like to know if I am meant to see any oil in there or not?

    Do you know any shops in the Melbourne area that might stock a '99 VTR250 Owners Manual (or Service Manual if a novice can get some use out of it)?
  9. Yo guys, I have what you are looking for, full honda workshop manual. It's about an inch thick and I would have to unbind it to photocopy it, but I may also be able to get it on cd from friendly mechanic. I got mine from peter stevens parts guys, they just get honda to print one out and then they sell it to you.

    I'll have a look at getting it apart and scanning/copying it tonight.

    fmu: no dipstick on vtr, look in the little glass window a few inches rearward and down of that cap with the bike standing straight up (after it has been sitting still for a while), if the oil is between the marks at the edge of the window, the level is ok.
  10. Damn this forum is fast. Thanks very much Jbot! I will check it out immediately.
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    Re: Owner's Manual and That Little Black Cap

    In this sight glass you should be looking at your engine oil about 3/4 the way up. Try tilting the bike over a little to the right to see just how low you are but I wouldn't be riding it with an oil level that low. Thats a cease up waiting to happen.
  12. I know this is asking alot from a newbie and all but I have been chasing the service manual for some time now and would do just about anything to get a copy of this little gem. If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  13. It looks like this a popular item. Is there any way of obtaining a copy of this manual?
  14. Jbot, How did you go with that copy? I'd love to get one.
  15. Oh man... this is the thread I've been hanging out for yet has escaped my radar until now! You're going to be a popular man, JBot... you've got us all drooling. Please count me in if you're gonna make copies. And if you are, let us all know what your costs are as I'm sure we'd be happy to cover you for your troubles...
  16. I'd love to get a copy of the service manual as well :D
  17. I'd love to get a copy too! :grin:
  18. Love A Copy Too

    Would also love to get a copy of the manual as i have been going nuts looking for one

  19. I would also love a copie